Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 44 - Liar, Hmph!

Chapter 44: Liar, Hmph!

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“Gu Mohan, let go of me!” Tang Mo’er repeated again and turned her head away. She wasn’t going to let him kiss her anymore.

However, he was much stronger than her. He held on to her waist using his strong arms and she wasn’t able to move around. He held her tighter when she resisted more. The atmosphere was getting more and more heated as she writhed against him.

Slap! He slapped her butt and loomed close like a dangerous beast as he threatened her, “Little forsaken wife, you’d better stop moving around!”

Tang Mo’er realized that she was in a precarious position.

She blushed and scolded him while beating his chest, “You’re not allowed to hit my butt, and also, I’m not a little forsaken wife!”

Little forsaken wife, little forsaken wife. The name-calling seemed to have become habitual and rolled off his tongue so naturally.

Slap! he slapped her butt again, holding her face with his long and slim fingers. He changed his mind and frowned, as if testing the words, “Little… thing.”


He was not going to call her a little forsaken wife, but a little thing now?

Together with his previous comments, Tang Mo’er also felt uncomfortable about his mentioning of her B cup chest. She demanded, “How is my chest small?”

Gu Mohan raised his brows and his narrow eyes were flirtatious and teasing. He kissed her red lips again.

His long tongue went all around the inside of her mouth and circled expertly, taking her breath away. It was interlocked with her little tongue. He felt as if he was eating the most delicious dessert on earth.

Tang Mo’er forgot to reject him, her body was becoming soft and wobbly and felt herself melt into him. Despite his arrogance, he wasn’t lying. His kissing skills were incredible, he was dominating while still being gentle. Her face flushed a pleasant red just from hearing the sounds of their kissing.

She tried to open her eyes wide, but they were watery and blurry just like a little deer that was in the headlights. She fell down on the ground at the next moment.

Gu Mohan quickly held onto her hips and looked at her shy face. He chuckled softly, “Little thing, remember to close your eyes when you’re kissing someone next time.” She didn’t realize that she was freaking him out when she opened her eyes widely. He wanted to swallow her up.

Tang Mo’er got herself together, her lips were numb and he’d left her shivering with a tingly feeling all over her. Damn it, she actually didn’t hate his kiss.

On the contrary, she enjoyed it. She cursed inwardly at her traitorous senses.

“Mr Gu, how many women have you kissed? Why are your skills so bad!” Tang Mo’er pouted her swollen lips and glared at him.

“If I said that you’re the first woman I’ve ever kissed, would you be proud?”

He was saying that he had given her his first kiss?

Tang Mo’er couldn’t believe it.

“Liar, hmph!” Tang Mo’er pushed him away forcefully and ran away while touching her burning face.

Further down the corridor, Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan had also finished their heated rendezvous. They tidied up their clothes before returning to the set.

They met Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen on the way back to the set. Su Zhe suddenly stopped, not expecting to meet the two men here. He bowed his head in acknowledgement, Young Master Fu, Young Master Huo, what a coincidence.”

“Young Master Su, it’s been a while. Is this lady your girlfriend?”

Han Xiaowan was well aware of Karghalik’s four most affluent and influential families. The heavens seemed to be smiling on her today. Seeing she was fortunate enough to meet these two wealthy successors coincidentally, she gave them a sweet smile as she greeted them, “Hello Young Master Fu and Young Master Huo. It’s nice to meet you, my name is Han Xiaowan. You can call me Xiaowan.”

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