Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 42 - Tang Mo'er Cuckolded Him Three Years Ago

Chapter 42: Tang Mo’er Cuckolded Him Three Years Ago

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Han Xiaowan knew that her plans had succeeded and her lips curled into an evil smirk. She signalled to Su Shuiqin with her eyes and Shuiqin instantly understood her intentions, “Brother, Xiaowan, I’ll go somewhere else to find her.”

Su Shuiqin left.

Su Zhe’s handsome face was half shadowed and Han Xiaowan stared at him obsessively, her gaze transfixed. She hugged his strong waist and buried her face into his chest, “Ah Zhe, do you think my sister would really be doing those kinds of things with CEO Dong? I don’t think my sister is this type of person, but then… three years ago, my sister actually did cuckold you…”

Su Zhe clenched his teeth and breathed heavily after hearing her words. He had also recollected those memories from three years ago. He had just arrived in Las Vegas and started to miss Tang Mo’er, even more so when he heard her soft voice over the phone, he wanted to grow a pair of wings so that he could fly and instantly be by her side.

When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he bought a plane ticket and flew back secretly. He tried to find her in the Royal Hotel when she was just a rookie. However, all he saw was a man carry her into the Presidential Suite.

He was devastated, and even now, he could feel the bitter agony he had felt back then. it was as if there was a knife twisting and drilling its way into his heart. He knew that she had been in an affair.

After the incident, she instantly became a popular female star. He could even see posters of her in Las Vegas. There were so many female stars with the looks and talent, how did she become so popular in such a short period of time? There could only be one simple reason behind it, she had a sponsor!

Su Zhe became like a crazed man, he madly hired numerous investigators to find out the identity of the man in the presidential suite but he was only led to dead ends with no results. He couldn’t find any news, but he knew that the man was a dignitary.

He had investigated the reason behind Tang Mo’er’s booming popularity in the past three years. She had gotten too popular, too quickly. Just one look and one could tell she had the best resources on hand and had been lucky too many times. The reasons were hitting him in the face and it became undeniable that she had a heavy sponsor supporting her.

Su Zhe’s darkened face was a little distorted. This was his biggest wound in his life, he would experience death-like pain whenever anyone touched on it.

Han Xiaowan shifted her gaze as she watched the emotions play out on Su Zhe’s face. As expected, it was still a deep wound in his heart. She speedily held Su Zhe’s neck and kissed him fervently, “Ah Zhe, I love you.”

A woman’s sweet voice and the feeling of soft lips on him caused Su Zhe’s desires to awaken. Han Xiaowan had been hospitalized for a few days and he had not touched her in a long time. His anger transformed into a deep sexual craving and he held Han Xiaowan tightly while kissing her with a renewed desperation.

His interest became worn-out after kissing her for a short while. As his mind dwelled back on his rage, he was reminded of Tang Mo’er’s maiden scent that he had entranced his senses that day outside her apartment. It was pleasant and attractive. He needed more.

Han Xiaowan didn’t have any of that, all she had was only had a light scent of perfume on her body. It was artificial and his face contorted in irritation.

Holding Han Xiaowan’s shoulder, he pressed his large body against her, ignoring the offensive scent as he pushed her against the wall. He then lifted her long skirt.

Han Xiaowan’s face was very red, but her eyes were half closed in expectation as she pulled him to her.

It was not her.

Su Zhe closed his eyes and all that was on his mind was Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face. Her maiden-like scent, her heavenly legs. All he could see was her.

He didn’t know how much longer he could hold it in. He wanted her. He desperately needed to destroy her.

Tang Mo’er was still on her toes while kissing Gu Mohan’s sexy thin lips when she heard the urgent moans and Han Xiaowan’s voice scream out, “Ah Zhe, please be more gentle.”

She could hear them before the saw them. The obvious grunts, the uncontrollable moans and the steady rhythmic noise became louder as she saw Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan having sex in the corridor. Han Xiaowan was pushed against the wall and Su Zhe had his belt off, hips thrusting in front of Han Xiaowan. It wasn’t clear whether they were too excited or what had triggered it, but it was unforgettable. The scene continued to play out from where she stood, their faces consumed in passion, the forceful movements, the sounds, everything.

Tang Mo’er’s blood froze. Her 21 year friendship formed from childhood with Su Zhe had finally seen its ugliest moments when she witnessed him having sex with Han Xiaowan with her own two eyes. Her mind became blank.

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