Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 348 - Break up with Tang Mo’er or I’ll Make Sure You Have Nothing Left

Chapter 348: Break up with Tang Mo’er or I’ll Make Sure You Have Nothing Left

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Old Master Gu snorted, “Mohan, do you even respect me as your Grandpa? Let me ask you, what’s with you and Tang Mo’er?”

Gu Mohan remained expressionless and said indifferently, “Grandpa, Mo’er is the woman I love.”

Mo’er is the woman I love.

Those words tugged at the heartstrings of Tang Mo’er, who was inside the secret room. She teared up. Her Mr Gu.

“Mohan, what did I teach you when you were young? The marriage for rich and wealthy families are used as manipulating tools for mutual benefit. As someone who fits the criteria, you can’t settle it best because you have some feelings for her. Look at you now, your relationship with Tang Mo’er has caused an upheaval in the Capital and you’re also at odds with your father. I can’t tolerate women like these. Break up with her immediately.”

“Grandpa, I’ll never break up with her.”

Pah! Old Master Gu slammed the tea cup heavily on the table. He glared at Gu Mohan furiously, hollering, “You unfilial child! Kneel down now!”

Gu Mohan’s handsome face turned pale. He did not frown and kneeled down slowly.

The helper brought over a leather belt and passed it to Old Master Gu. Pah! He whacked Gu Mohan’s back with great force.

This was the family punishment.

Tang Mo’er’s black pupils contracted, she felt as if her chest had been squeezed hard by a palm and her breath felt heavy.

The leather belt might have hit his body, yet all she felt was pain inside.

Don’t hit him.

Don’t hit him. Don’t hit him!

Tang Mo’er needed to get out. She couldn’t stand seeing him hurt because of her. However, as the secret room was locked, she was unable to find the entrance. All she could do was watch. She didn’t want to see this! She didn’t want to hear the sound of the belt whip across his body in bloody strokes of anger.

Old Master Gu beat Gu Mohan’s without pause until his skin ripped apart and his flesh could be seen. It was a gruesome sight.

“Gu Mohan, 18 years ago when your mother had an affair, she gave birth to that illegitimate child An’an. Back then, you told me that you would protect the lives of both your mother and sister by working for the Gu family.”

“Now that you’re all grown up and matured, have you forgotten your promise? Whatever you have now belongs to the Gu family. No matter how loving your relationship is, do you even have the authority to do all of this? Who do you think gave you your status today?

“I’ll repeat this one last time, break up with Tang Mo’er. If you don’t break up, I’ll chase you out of the Gu family. Till then, I’ll make sure whatever you once had will all be gone and you’ll be left with nothing.”

After he had said his piece, Old Master Gu threw the blood-stained leather belt onto the carpet and left.

In the secret room, Tang Mo’er was heartbroken as she stared tearfully at Gu Mohan. He was kneeling on the floor, his back bleeding from the beating he had received. However, his posture was still straight. He closed his eyes in a calm manner, and it was hard to tell what was going through his mind.

Tang Mo’er felt like she was the one who had been hurt. She leaned against the wall and slid down along the wall and collapsed on the carpet crying.

At this moment, a voice fell in her ears. Old Master Gu had returned.

“Miss Tang, I’ll let you and Mohan decide between you and the Gu family. It’s also a time for you to make a choice.”

Tang Mo’er choked on her tears, “Gu Mohan is your own flesh and blood. How can you bear to beat him?”

“Miss Tang, it’s precisely because I’m his family. That is why I’ll personally ruin him.”

Tang Mo’er shuddered. Old Master Gu was threatening her!

Why? Why did Old Master Gu have to be so cruel towards him? Was he not Gu Mohan’s grandpa?

Tang Mo’er’s heart ached. It looked like nobody truly loved Gu Mohan.

All they ever wanted was for Gu Mohan to work for them.

Her Mr Gu.

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