Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 347 - That Is Because…Lu Jinwen Wanted to Dig Out…Lin Xuanji’s Heart

Chapter 347: That Is Because…Lu Jinwen Wanted to Dig Out…Lin Xuanji’s Heart

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Hearing this story, Tang Mo’er took a deep breath. She was unable to conjure up an image of what had happened back then.

“Lu Jinwen really loved Lin Xuanji?” she asked.

“Love?” Old Master Gu let out a disparaging laugh.

Why is he laughing? Did they not love each other?

If they did not love each other, then why did he do something so extreme and outrageous after Lin Xuanji and Gu Tianling had gotten their marriage certificate?

He had the audacity to rape Lin Xuanji back when she still held the status of being Mrs Gu. In fact, he still came over every night.

He must have been arrogant back then.

Apart from love, Tang Mo’er could not think of any other reason.

At this moment, Old Master Gu walked towards Tang Mo’er. “At least from my perspective, in our mortal world, Lu Jinwen did not love Lin Xuanji. However, Lin Xuanji was the woman he had selected. Do you not know the reason?”

Tang Mo’er shook her head, “No.”

“That is because… Lu Jinwen wanted to dig out… Lin Xuanji’s heart.”

Lu Jinwen wanted to dig out Lin Xuanji’s heart?!

Those words shocked Tang Mo’er that she stumbled backwards and almost fell. She had goosebumps all over, looking at Old Master Gu in horror.

“Back then, Lin Xuanji’s mother gave birth to a pair of twins. Lin Xuanji had an older twin sister, Lin Xuanyin. As compared to the marvelous Lin Xuanji, Lin Xuanyin was so normal that no one noticed or respected her. However, she led a good life. Lu Jinwen loved her unconditionally. To make Lin Xuanyin happy, Lu Jinwen would go to the utmost extend to do anything for her such as ordering for the entire Capital to be filled with dandelions.”

“However as Lin Xuanyin had congenital heart failure, Lu Jinwen wanted to dig Lin Xuanji’s heart out to save Lin Xuanyin.”


Tang Mo’er breathed heavily, cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. Hearing this story was akin to having a nightmare.

Lu Jinwen took over Lin Xuanji’s body and forced her to give birth to a child. After that was done, he still dug out Lin Xuanji’s heart.

He took away every womanly trait that she possessed.

That heartless devil! This Lu Jinwen was the scum of the earth!

She glanced up at Old Master Gu slowly, “Did they really dig out Lin Xuanji’s heart in the end?”

“In the end, in the end…” Old Master Gu shook his head, “I don’t feel like telling you what happened in the end.”


This Old Master Gu… how evil! How can he stop telling me the story when we’ve reached the climax? Darn it!

“However, Lin Xuanji was indeed the most flamboyant woman I’d ever seen in my life. She once wrote this — Love is the most fragile luxury in this world. The deepest and most unforgettable love can never be drained or casted away. If that heartless emperor of yours does not ache for you when you’re hurting and wants to send you down to hell, then what should you do? Send him down to hell… along with you.”

In that conquest with Satan, Lin Xuanji destroyed Satan and herself. She did it, letting all the nightmares come to an end 30 years ago, it seemed that time had stopped.

At this moment, the maid walked over. “Old Master Gu, Young Master has arrived.”

Tang Mo’er broke free and was dropped back to reality. Gu Mohan was here!

Old Master Gu looked at Tang Mo’er. “Miss Tang, you can leave now, I need to have a word with Mohan. I’ll let you hear what I have to say and make a decision.”

Tang Mo’er was led into a secret room in which she could see what was happening outside.

Gu Mohan has arrived. The man stood charmingly in front of Old Master Gu and greeted him, “Grandpa.”

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