Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 346 - You Remind Me of an Old Acquaintance

Chapter 346: You Remind Me of an Old Acquaintance

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A romantic relationship would only involve two parties, there shouldn’t be anyone else meddling in their affairs, and so, she rejected Old Master Gu.

Old Master Gu looked at the girl sitting in front of him, she had eyes that would be able to keep one in her traction. They were filled with an astute intelligence and charm and it was as though they were able to convey words. Her eyes reminded Old Master Gu of someone.

“Miss Tang, you remind me of an old acquaintance, you two have a great resemblance.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned, she couldn’t understand why Old Master Gu changed the subject to such a topic. “Old acquaintance?”

“Yes.” Old Master revealed a smile. “This old acquaintance would be… Madam Xuanji, my son’s first wife.”

Madam Xuanji.

That name wasn’t unfamiliar to Tang Mo’er. Madam Xuanji was the founder of DHA Diamonds.

She had previously worn the Star of the Ocean, a piece of jewelry that Madam Xuanji had designed. She couldn’t figure out why, but the Star of the Ocean seemed to have reminiscences of a gentle aura, instantly consuming her.

Madam Xuanji, Tang Mo’er considered the name again in her heart, she suddenly felt her heart flutter.

“I’m just a mere nobody and naturally couldn’t be compared with Madam Xuanji, Madam Xuanji must have led a blissful life.”

“Blissful?” Old Master Gu suddenly burst out laughing, he looked at Tang Mo’er with a strange glance. “You actually believe that Madam Xuanji has led a blissful life?”

Tang Mo’er was perplexed, didn’t Madam Xuanji live a blissful life?

“Miss Tang, I’m in a good mood today and so I’ll share a story from about 30 years ago. 30 years ago, my son was madly in love with Lin Xuanji, but she was in love with Lu Qi’er’s father, Lu Jinwen. Oh, Miss Tang, have you met Lu Jinwen?”

Lu Jinwen?

Tang Mo’er shook her head. “I haven’t met him.”

Old Master Gu laughed with some hidden intentions. “That’s a pity, you should have met him. Now he is the real… satan.”

Satan, the devil from hell.

“Back then, Lin Xuanji was hurt all over by Lu Jinwen. My foolish son didn’t even care for his own life because of Lin Xuanji and went to rescue her. Lin Xuanji was touched and she registered her marriage with my son and collected their marriage certificate. On the night of their wedding, Lin Jinwen surrounded the Gu family and my son was held captive by Lu Jinwen’s underlings. Lu Jinwen closed the room door and raped Lin Xuanji on their wedding bed.”

“Not only that, Lu Jinwen would come to the Gu family’s house every night and use any way possible to threaten Lin Xuanji, tormenting her over and over again. Lin Xuanji would also attempt to make peace with him as Mrs Gu. But soon after, she couldn’t tolerate it any further and she divorced my son.”

Old Master Gu’s recalled his memories from 30 years ago, on Gu Tianling’s wedding night, he stood upstairs while observing someone who leaned lazily against the wine red colored couch. It was Lu Jinwen.

30 years had passed but he could still clearly remember how brazen Lu Jinwen was back then.

He wore a custom-made black shirt with black trousers, leaning against the couch lazily and he crossed his long legs. Under the faint lighting, his almond-shaped eyes were exuding coldness and sarcasm.

Although it was the Gu family estate, he could enter and leave however he wanted.

Around 30 years ago, that was the pinnacle of excellence for Lu Jinwen and he was triumphant.

When his son, Gu Tianling, was kidnapped, they held him hostage and threatened Xuanji with the knife that was inserted upright on the table. If Xuanji wouldn’t listen to their instructions, the knife would slice off Gu Tianling’s thumb, one slice for every time she didn’t listen.

Lu Jinwen had looked at Lin Xuanji, enunciating each syllable, loud and clear.

‘Come in and take off your clothes.’

Seeing Gu Tianling’s pitiful state, Lin Xuanji walked inside and removed her red dress from her body.

Lu Jinwen threw her on the bed and on that night, the bed made vigorous sounds throughout the night.

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