Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 345 - Only Gu Mohan Can Tell Me to Break up

Chapter 345: Only Gu Mohan Can Tell Me to Break up

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Tang Mo’er giggled as he rubbed his stubble on his chin against her creamy skin. It was itchy yet painful at the same time. Her delicate hands raked through his short hair, her soft voice coaxing him, “Mr Gu, don’t be lazy. Quick, get up.”

Gu Mohan hugged her and pinned her down onto the bed, her body was just so soft. All he cared about was to hold her down onto the bed, not letting her get up.

“You’re so lazy!” Tang Mo’er clenched her fists and punched his muscular abs.

Gu Mohan kissed her red lips forcefully and got up.

On that very morning, the atmosphere in the room was one filled with love.

After Gu Mohan had finished washing up, he opened the room door and went back to the corridor. Fu Qinglun leaned lazily against the wall, his hands shoved into his pocket. His fingers held a cigarette in between and he looked solemn and depressed.

Gu Mohan approached him and murmured, “What’s wrong?”

Fu Qinglun took a puff and looked at Gu Mohan. “You don’t know what happened to me? You even dragged me into your plan last night, didn’t you?”

Gu Mohan casually pursed his lips, his narrow gaze was profound. “I was helping you. Hadn’t you always wanted to sleep with Lu Qi’er?”

Fu Qinglun kicked Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow. “So it seems you didn’t manage to sleep with her and even got caught by your wife for adultery.”

Fu Qinglun took a puff of his cigarette and almost choked.

At this moment, a ringtone sounded from a mobile. It was Gu Mohan’s phone.

He pressed his lips together into a thin line when he saw the caller ID.

Fu Qinglun looked over, “Why, is that a call from Old Master Gu? This time round you’ve created such a big mess so Old Master Gu definitely won’t be happy. Trouble is coming for you.”

Gu Mohan glared at Fu Qinglun in annoyance and kicked him back.

Fu Qinglun stretched out his hand and swiped off the foot mark on his pants.

“Hello, Grandpa.”

It was hard to ascertain what the conversation was about, as the only response Gu Mohan responded made was an ambivalent ‘mm’ before he hung up the phone.

At this moment, Tang Mo’er walked out of the room. Gu Mohan looked at her quickly. “Mo’er, I need to go out for a while. Stay here and don’t move around, understand?”

Tang Mo’er nodded her head and agreed, “Alright.”

Having gotten the agreement from Mo’er, Gu Mohan turned and left.

Tang Mo’er went back to her own room. Ding dong! Someone pressed the doorbell.

Who was it?

Tang Mo’er ran to open the door.

Outside the door stood two bodyguards. “Good morning, Miss Tang. Old Master wants to invite you over.

“Old Master?”

“Yes, Old Master Gu.”

After half an hour, Tang Mo’er arrived at a villa. The bodyguards opened the study room door, “Old Master Gu, Miss Tang has arrived.”

Tang Mo’er walked over and saw Old Master Gu.

Old Master Gu wore a black tunic suit and was hale and hearty. Although his face was full of wrinkles, his eyes exuded a distinct shrewdness.

One look and one could tell this person was vicious and not someone to cross.

“Hello, Old Master Gu.” Tang Mo’er bent down and greeted him politely.

Old Master Gu looked at Tang Mo’er and smiled. He froze momentarily and narrowed his eyes, “Miss Tang, don’t panic, I won’t hurt you. I only have one thing to ask of you. Please break up with my grandson.”

As expected, the entire Gu family did not like her.

Tang Mo’er grabbed the sides of her bag tightly and tensed up. She shook her head and insisted, “I’m sorry, Old Master Gu, but this is the one thing I can’t promise to you. Only Gu Mohan can tell me to break up, no one else has the authority to do so.”

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