Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 344 - Then Be Angry

Chapter 344: Then Be Angry

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After a few seconds, Fu Qinglun threw the towel onto the floor and walked into the bathroom.

Lin Shiyu still lay there with her stomach in pain, her hands pressed onto her stomach. She curled up into a ball.

She must not be attracted to him.

She must not be touched by his gestures.

She needed to reject any of his soothing care and concern.

The boy she liked must resemble Zi Jun, someone calm and collected, intelligent, mysterious and muscular. However, all these characteristics did not matter. Most importantly, the boy she liked must treat her well and only have her in his heart.

She wanted a pure man who could provide her with an ideal innocent relationship.

Suddenly exhausted, Lin Shiyu gradually closed her eyes and let the darkness take her away.

In the bathroom.

Fu Qinglun stood under the shower to bathe. He scrubbed his body thoroughly till his skin turned red from the raw friction.

He looked down and smelled himself. The soap smell was fragrant, he probably did not reek of Lu Qi’er anymore.

After turning off the shower and stood in front of the basin to brush his teeth for a relatively long time. He only stopped brushing when his gums finally bled.

He must be crazy to torture himself in such a manner. Throwing open the bathroom door, he made his actions very dramatic to signal to her that he was out of the shower!

There was a petite figure curled up on the bed. Lin Shiyu had fallen asleep, still frozen in the same position.

Fu Qinglun’s gloomy face turned gentle and he sat at the edge of the bed glancing at the woman.

The dim light from the bedside lamp shone on her beautiful face, hiding all her flaws and revealing the youthful creamy skin that only a 21 year old girl would possess. Her tiny face was smooth and supple, even the layer of fine hair on her skin was glowing.

He pulled the blanket over her and bent down to look at her tiny face, which was right in front of him.

Their breaths interlocked as her womanly scent wafted up his nostrils. overwhelming his senses.

He raised his eyebrow and kissed her forehead gently.

The next morning.

The morning sunshine shone on Tang Mo’er body. She fidgeted around and woke up.

However, she did not dare to open her eyes.

Her vision was still black when she went to sleep last night.

Now, she was sleeping in Gu Mohan’ muscular arms which provided her a warm cocoon that made her feel all mushy inside.

She wanted to look at him sleep.

She wanted to see again.

Her eyelids fluttered repeatedly. Finally mustering up her courage, and opened her eyes, only to see Gu Mohan’s face enlarged in her line of vision.

She was able to see.

She was able to see again!

Tang Mo’er was grateful that her black and white vision had finally turned colorful. She stretched out her hands and caressed his handsome face.

Her delicate fingers softly caressed the perfect facial features which were sharp and defined. Her vision gradually became blurry and hot tears started to fall

Would she still be able to see him like this in the future?

The symptoms of the love pea would only grow worse, ultimately leading to her death. Although her body was no longer in pain, she might lose her vision at any time.

Perhaps, she would become blind forever.

At this moment, a hand grabbed her small fingers and Gu Mohan opened his tired eyes. “Little thing, you’re disturbing me so early in the morning. Is it because I didn’t feed you enough last night, hm?”

Tang Mo’er immediately buried her face in his chest and cried. Looking up with watery eyes, she smiled happily at him and pinched his nose gently. “Are you scared now? If you make me angry in the future, I’ll make sure you can’t get out of bed. Hehe!”

Hearing her sweet, gentle voice, Gu Mohan immediately turned over and pinned her down. He lingered around her neck and murmured, “Oh? How about I make you angry now, hm?”

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