Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 343 - How Dare You Vomit on Me?

Chapter 343: How Dare You Vomit on Me?

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She couldn’t care less about his explanation. Fu Qinglun pursed his lips into an indifferent arch and stopped her. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, I want to change rooms. Since you’ve been in that room with Lu Qi’er now, it makes me uncomfortable. I’m a clean freak and I don’t like dirty things.”

Fu Qinglun glared at her and replied after some time, “Let’s change rooms then. We can stay in other rooms…”

“Young Master Fu, what I mean is that I want to stay in a new room. Alone.”

Fu Qinglun’s burst out in anger, “Lin Shiyu, do you think I’m indecent and dirty too?”

“Young Master Fu, it seems like you do have some self awareness after all.”

Fu Qinglun took a deep breath, his hands grabbed onto her delicate wrist and he dragged her into a room.

The room was new and untouched. Fu Qinglun pushed her onto the bed forcefully.

The man’s muscular body towered over her and pinned her down, casting her with a condescending look. His sharp facial features evoked an evil smile. “Lin Shiyu, you’d better remember this. No matter how dirty you think I am, I’m still your husband!”

Lin Shiyu fell onto the big bed and felt a little dizzy. Her hair was scattered all over the plush sheets and she felt weak all over. Her body seemed to be lacking any kind of energy.

Still, she pretended nothing was wrong and smirked at him. “I know Young Master Fu just wants to have sex with me. If you’re not afraid to fight a bloody battle, then let’s do it.”

In the beginning, Fu Qinglun didn’t have any intention in having sex with her, but upon seeing her smug look, he bent over and kissed her red lips.

The image of him pinning Lu Qi’er down flashed passed Lin Shiyu’s mind. His lips were… really dirty.

Blergh! Lin Shiyu vomited.

Fu Qinglun did not manage to avoid her and she had vomited all over his pajamas.

She felt uncomfortable and had no appetite. All that came out was gastric juices.

Fu Qinglun’s face darkened, he was extremely tempted to strangle her neck. “Lin Shiyu, how dare you vomit on me while I was kissing you?”

Lin Shiyu’s stomach was churning vigorously. She felt horrible and lay against the bed frame, throwing up profusely.

She kept retching, despite not having anything to vomit out. Tears ran down her cheeks and she looked extremely pitiful.

Fu Qinglun’s facial expression changed when he saw her looking so wretched. He hadn’t expected her to throw up to this extent. Looking at her in pain, he immediately stretched out his hands and lightly rubbed her back. “What happened? Did you eat something off?”

Lin Shiyu did not say anything. She couldn’t even muster up any energy to move. All she could do was lie against the bed frame, with her face as pale as a sheet as beads of cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

Fu Qinglun immediately got off the bed and ran into the bathroom. He brought out a warm towel, bent down and wiped the corner of her lips gently. Concerned for her, he asked her gently, “Do you want me to call the doctor? Are you in a lot of pain? Does your stomach still hurt?”

Lin Shiyu eyes twitched. She could see his barefooted self in her line of vision. Did he leave the room without wearing anything? He must have been in a huge panic that he didn’t even wear his shoes.

It took her by surprise that or someone who was such a clean freak, he had actually bothered wiping her mouth.

It was almost endearing, if she hadn’t seen that scene earlier. But she could never un-see it anymore.

Lin Shiyu fumbled at the corner of her lips. Pah! She slapped his fingers away. “Get away from me. Lu Qi’er aura is still all over your body, just smelling makes me want to throw up.”

Fu Qinglun hands froze mid-air. The atmosphere in the room became deathly still.

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