Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 342 - I Left You To Enjoy Yourselves

Chapter 342: I Left You To Enjoy Yourselves

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Fu Qinglun looked down at Lu Qi’er, his cold eyes were clear again and he regained his senses. Moving his thin lips, he spoke with an indifferent tone. “I was never planning to do it with you, I’m already married. I’ll stay faithful to only one woman in my entire lifetime and that is my wife.”

Lu Qi’er was stunned. What… what exactly did he just say? He wasn’t interested in her?

Fu Qinglun got up and he seemed extremely determined, he didn’t plan to do anything with Lu Qi’er. The only reason why he touched her was because he wanted to confirm whether he still had that obsession.

He didn’t have the chance to touch her previously and so he yearned for it very much deep inside. Now that he had the chance to touch her, he realized that his feelings for Lu Qi’er had completely disappeared.

He simply didn’t have any desire for her body anymore.

He had figured out that the one he liked and yearned for all these years was only the younger Lu Qi’er, when she was six years old.

From now on, he was sure that he didn’t have any more feelings for Lu Qi’er.

The room door was pushed open, and Lin Ruoxi stood beside the door and spoke hesitantly, “Brother Qinglun.”

Lin Ruoxi!

Lu Qi’er’s face darkened, why did Lin Ruoxi even appear here?

Did she witness her seducing Fu Qinglun? Sh*t!

Fu Qinglun looked at Lin Ruoxi from the corner of his eye, speaking indifferently, “Why are you here?”

“I wasn’t the only one here, Lin Shiyu was also here, but she had left.” Lin Ruoxi answered.

The moment he heard that Shiyu had been in the room, Lu Qi’er saw Fu Qinglun stiffen, before he turned and left with big strides.

In the midst of rushing out, he tripped over a chair and almost fell on the ground. As the most respectable man in Karghalik, he had been brought up with the best of the best, and had never been in such a pathetic state before. Right after he tripped over the chair, he quickly regained his balance and ran out.

He ran.

He went to chase after Lin Shiyu.

Lu Qi’er felt indignant, she was jealous and furious but there was greater trouble waiting for her.

“Ruoxi, please listen to me, Qinglun and I…”

Slap! Lin Ruoxi lifted her arm and gave Lu Qi’er a tight slap on her face.

“Ahh!!!” Lu Qi’er screamed and quickly lifted her hands to cover her face. She felt Lin Ruoxi’s long fingernails lacerate her face, leaving a bloody scratch on her delicate face.

Lin Ruoxi gave Lu Qi’er a chilling stare before turning around and leaving.

Lu Qi’er froze in her original spot and felt her heart sink. She had figured out that her friendly relationship with Lin Ruoxi was most probably over, but she just couldn’t understand. Why did Lin Ruoxi suddenly appear in front of the room door? Was it really a coincidence?

Along the corridor.

Fu Qinglun was still dressed in his pajamas while he searched frantically for Lin Shiyu everywhere. F*ck! Where was she? He couldn’t remain calm just like he always did, she had actually seen him with Lu Qi’er just now!

A beautiful figure appeared in his line of vision. It was Lin Shiyu, standing just in front.

He ran forward and grasped her slender wrist with his hand. “Lin Shiyu, why didn’t you come into the room since you were just outside?”

Lin Shiyu turned her head and looked towards Fu Qinglun, her beautiful face completely emotionless and her eyes blank. Raising a corner of her lips, she laughed. “Young Master Fu, why would I enter the room? I left the room so you and Lu Qi’er could have as much fun as you wanted. Three’s a crowd, after all.”

Fu Qinglun’s handsome face darkened, knowing her character, she would have charged inside the room but this time, the only reason for her to not do so was that she had no intention of stopping him from sleeping with Lu Qi’er.

She actually allowed him to sleep with Lu Qi’er!

Did she not care about what he did to this extent?

“Lin Shiyu, listen up, I’ll only explain myself once. I didn’t touch Lu Qi’er.”

“Are you done? Can I leave now since you seem to be finished?” Without waiting for a response, Lin Shiyu turned around and left.

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