Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 341 - It’s Not You

Chapter 341: It’s Not You

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His imposing figure towered over Lu Qi’er, she was below him and he shut his eyes, kissing Lu Qi’er on the cheek.

Outside the room, Lin Shiyu had returned.

She stretched out her arm, wanting to open the room door but it wasn’t even closed. Strange. It was slightly ajar, as though someone had carefully planned everything for her.

Peeking through the slightly ajar door, she saw two human bodies rolling around on the bed, Fu Qinglun had pressed Lu Qi’er under him.

Lin Shiyu’s black pupils contracted, she wasn’t ready to face them, yet she was so stunned that her body froze on the spot.

On that bed, she had kissed Fu Qinglun and they had spent time on it. On that bed, she had even felt something for Fu Qinglun upon it.

But now, he was lying on the bed with Lu Qi’er instead.

It was as though a needle had pierced right through her heart, it didn’t really hurt physically, but at the same time, the pain was almost suffocating, entrenched within her soul and she felt she suddenly understood everything.

She had fallen for Fu Qinglun.

Why did she have to fall for him?

On this cruel world, those who truly loved her she could count on her fingers.

Her mother, Mo’er, Zi Jun. But one day, a man named Fu Qinglun barged into her life like a whirlwind, becoming her husband before she even had a chance to think.

Fu Qinglun was her first man, and any woman would always have unforgettable memories of their first love, whether good or bad. He an excellent upbringing and was a refined, wealthy man’s son. Not only that, he was handsome, intelligent and mature behaved like a whimsical princess when he liked, and not forgetting his wonderful mother who would only add to his score. Other than his ambiguous relationship with Lu Qi’er, he was simply flawless.

It wasn’t that hard for a woman to fall for him.

Or maybe, she only fell for him because he had the patience to accompany and care for her for the entire day. When she was sick, he gave her the warmth she had needed so badly.

However, this was all a dream.

Right now, she was rudely awakened from her dream.

Lin Shiyu felt an urge to just barge inside the room but after some consideration, her lips twisted into a wry smile and she left without a word.

A draught of cold wind hit her face, her silky hair was blown around and her feelings for Fu Qinglun had completely vanished. All that was left behind was her logic and sharp senses.

She felt stupid, a man who called Lu Qi’er’s name on his wedding night, a man who snatched away her song, ‘Legend’, how could she even fall in love with him?

Was he even worthy of her love?

He wasn’t worthy.

He didn’t deserve any of it.

A familiar figure approached, Lin Ruoxi had rushed over.

Initially, Lin Ruoxi was resting in her own room and just when she was about to take a shower, she heard two helpers discussing outside her room door how they saw Lu Qi’er entering Fu Qinglun’s room.

Lu Qi’er had actually gone into Fu Qinglun’s room? Hearing those words, she almost exploded in anger so she rushed over immediately.

Lin Ruoxi had also saw Lin Shiyu, she hurriedly asked, “Lin Shiyu, why are you here, where’s Brother Qinglun and Sister Qi’er?”

Raising her hand casually, Lin Shiyu tucked her silky hair behind her ears before pointing at the room. “They are inside the room, you should go take a look at them yourself.”

Lin Ruoxi’s face darkened and she rushed over in a hurry.

Peeking through the slightly ajar door, she saw Fu Qinglun with Lu Qi’er under him.

Lin Ruoxi instantly dug her fingernails deep in her palm, her beautiful face morphing into a fierce one.

Lu Qi’er!

In the room.

Lu Qi’er shut her eyes, tilting her head up full of expectation as she waited for Fu Qinglun to kiss her. He wasn’t kissing her for some reason.

Fu Qinglun only kissed her cheek and got up again.

“Qinglun, what’s the matter?”

Fu Qinglun frowned and muttered, “It’s not…”

“It’s not what?”

“It’s not you.”

His words were like a thundering explosion in Lu Qi’er’s ears. Her eyes widened as she gasped for air and when she looked at him, her eyes were filled with guilt.

But she quickly got herself together, stretching out her arms to clasp around Fu Qinglun’s neck. “Qinglun, what do you mean? I don’t understand what you’re saying. Take me, quickly!”

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