Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 340 - His Darkest Desires

Chapter 340: His Darkest Desires

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Fu Qinglun had spent the entire day in the room with Lin Shiyu, when did they have such a good relationship?

Lu Qi’er’s pretty face morphed into a fierce one. Fu Qinglun belonged to her, how could he fall in love with Lin Shiyu?

No! Never!

Very quickly, Lu Qi’er slowly forced a smile on her face and placed her hand on the door knob. She realized that the room door wasn’t locked and pushed open the door to Fu Qinglun’s room and walked inside.

In the room.

The bathroom was filled with the sound of running water, it seemed that Fu Qinglun was having a shower inside.

Five minutes later, he came out wearing dark blue, silky pajamas and it took him only one glance to realize that Lu Qi’er was in the room.

Fu Qinglun slowly raised a brow and spoke with an indifferent tone, “Qi’er, why are you here?”

Lu Qi’er lifted her eyes and looked at Fu Qinglun in appreciation. As he just had a shower, there were a few water droplets on his skin. His casual look was still so handsome that she couldn’t help but blush.

“Qinglun.” Lu Qi’er walked forward and held his waist with her tiny hands, falling in his embrace.

An unfamiliar woman’s scent wafted into Fu Qinglun’s nose. Lu Qi’er had used perfume and there was a faint, yet distinct smell. Although it didn’t smell bad, Fu Qinglun’s handsome brows were furrowed. Honestly, he much missed the natural scent on Lin Shiyu’s body.

She had only left for a moment and he had already started to miss her.

Stretching out his hand, he pressed against Lu Qi’er’s shoulder, wanting to push her away.

But Lu Qi’er hugged him even tighter. “Qinglun, why does Mohan love Tang Mo’er so much but not me? Was it because he found out about what you did to me when I was younger…”

Fu Qinglun’s hand stilled and he stopped trying to push the distraught Lu Qi’er away.

Lu Qi’er looked at Fu Qinglun’s handsome face and observed his perplexed expression. “Qinglun, I don’t blame you for what happened when we were young. You were also a victim at that time, you kissed me and also… I’d already given you my virginity. Because you’re the one who transformed me from a girl to a woman, you’ll always be my first man.”

Fu Qinglun felt a mix of guilt and compassion when he recalled the scene 15 years ago. Back then, he had sunk to the bottom of the river and two tiny hands approached, hugging him and hauling him out of the treacherous waters.

When he was about to die, a tiny mouth appeared and performed CPR on him, granting him another chance at life.

When he was about to die of agony, he pressed against that petite body and he could never forget that feeling.

He had hidden it deep inside of his heart, yet the more he hid it, the more he wanted it.

His gaze slowly lit up, Lu Qi’er smirked and caressed Fu Qinglun’s facial features, her hands wandering all over with her tiny hand. “Qinglun, I know that you’ve been in love with me all along. Tell me, you also crave for me, don’t you? I’ll grant your wishes tonight.”

Lu Qi’er tiptoed to kiss Fu Qinglun’s thin lips.

Right at the moment she was about to kiss him, Fu Qinglun turned his head and Lu Qi’er’s lips grazed the side of his face.

Lu Qi’er was stunned, she didn’t anticipate Fu Qinglun would dodge away from her. “Qinglun, what’s the matter? Don’t you love me anymore?”

Fu Qinglun was also confused, he didn’t know what was wrong with him. The recollection of his past memories had caused some changes in his body.

Under the pajamas, his muscles were tensed up. He knew that he wanted to do it with Lu Qi’er.

But, he wanted to do it with the younger Lu Qi’er.

The one who had saved him all those years ago.

Regarding the incident that happened in the past, he wanted to do it again, that was his darkest desire and had become a deep rooted obsession.

But when Lu Qi’er was about to kiss him, he felt something amiss. It shouldn’t be like this.

Fu Qinglun stretched out his arm and pushed Lu Qi’er onto the soft bed.

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