Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 339 - Why Are You Being so Noisy?

Chapter 339: Why Are You Being so Noisy?

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Gu Mohan held onto her slender waist tightly and pecked her red lips. “I already used up all my energy in bed with you, how would I even have the time and energy to sleep with other women?”

Tang Mo’er smirked, she knew that Lu Qi’er was making things up. Why would he even choose to sleep with her?

The doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing as the woman outside pressed her finger against it without stopping. “Mohan, Mohan…”

It was dampening their spirits.

Gu Mohan’s handsome brows were furrowed and he got up and turned around, wanting to open the door.

However, Tang Mo’er quickly hugged him and pulled him back to her. She was afraid that Lu Qi’er would cling to him and not let him go, so she willingly presented him with her already swollen lips. “Mr Gu, I still want some more of you.”

Gu Mohan’s pupils contracted and he bit down on her lips forcefully. “It hasn’t even been five minutes, you really want me to die on your bed, hm?”

After speaking, Gu Mohan carried her and threw her on the soft bed.

After a series of kissing, Tang Mo’er felt dizzy. She wanted to look at the man towering over her, but her vision suddenly went pitch black.

She couldn’t see a thing.

What happened?

Tang Mo’er hurriedly tugged on the bedsheets beneath her. It was almost a week after the poison in her body last acted up. She hadn’t felt any pain for the entire week, but this time… she seemed to have lost her vision.

The later stages of the poison would result in loss of vision…

She didn’t want to lose her sight!

If her colorful world turned into a dark one, she simply couldn’t imagine what kind of pain and cruelty she would have to experience. What hurt the most was that she was only 21 years old, she was in her prime years and she knew that the man towering over her was also in love with her beautiful looks.

What would he think if he knew?

She felt as though she was fully drenched from head to toe by a bucket of icy cold water. Unwittingly, Tang Mo’er felt her limbs getting colder.

Shutting her eyes, she wrapped the sheets around her, terrified that he would realize that something was amiss.

She was afraid that he might look down on her, she was even more afraid that he would go inside Lu Qi’er’s room because of her pathetic state.

“Mr Gu, hug me, hug me tightly…”

Her sensual voice was like an aphrodisiac. Gu Mohan bent down and kissed her swollen lips, wanting to use more force, but he feared that he would really hurt her.

“Mohan, Mohan, can you hear me…” Lu Qi’er’s wouldn’t stop shouting outside and it grated on his nerves. The woman was like a wailing banshee with her endless screeching.

Gu Mohan frowned and moved his lips in irritation. “It’s already late, why are you being so noisy? Don’t you already know what I’m doing in here? Or is it that you want to come in for the show?”

Outside the door, his voice clearly traveled into Lu Qi’er’s ears and she reeled back, as if she had been slapped. Her mind repeated his words in her head.

Lu Qi’er clenched her fists by her side, digging her fingernails deep inside her palm and not feeling an ounce of pain.

Tang Mo’er that vixen, she had really seduced Gu Mohan and brought him into her bed.

To what extent was Gu Mohan going to disregard her that he even dared to say such words.

She was his fiancée!

A fire was ignited in Lu Qi’er’s heart and it was about to burn her into ashes. Very slowly, she felt a burning sensation in her body.

Was she drugged too?

She didn’t spend much effort to discover that Gu Mohan had set Han Xiaowan up. Everyone who participated in setting up Tang Mo’er was slowly waiting anxiously for their due punishment.

The only ones left were Lin Ruoxi and her.

Did Gu Mohan already do something to her?

Gu Mohan had left for the Capital in a haste and his whereabouts were extremely secretive. She had engaged an investigator, but there wasn’t any results. She had an ominous feeling that a conspiracy was heading her way, but she shook it off.

It would never happen.

Gu Mohan wouldn’t dare to do it, since she had the other half of the antidote to the love pea poison.

Lu Qi’er brushed off her thoughts, thinking that she was being too sensitive. At the same time, she felt the burning sensation disappearing slowly and so she returned to her own room.

However, she paused outside Fu Qinglun’s room and couldn’t bring herself to walk away.

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