Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 338 - It Turns out That You’re Also a Self-Indulgent Emperor

Chapter 338: It Turns out That You’re Also a Self-Indulgent Emperor

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“I’m only a pervert in front of you.” Gu Mohan frowned while kissing her red lips. “Open your mouth.”

Tang Mo’er lifted her long eyelashes and opened her mouth, after being overwhelmed by the intensity of his heated gaze.

Gu Mohan stared at her pinkish lips and slowly invaded her mouth with his long tongue.

He kissed her in an overbearing manner and dominated her entire being. Tang Mo’er felt her entire soul quivering in his wake.

“Mr Gu, regarding CEO Wan…”

“Put that matter aside for now and let them use some brains. You’re my woman, they should figure out exactly what they did wrong.”

Tang Mo’er was touched when she realized that he really did everything just for her. He was merely announcing to the world that she was his woman, so the person who tried to provoke her would only be seeking their own death.

“What about Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan? Were you the one who set them up?”

Mohan’s hand supported the back of her head and guided her towards him as he slowly tilted her head up until he was looking at her beautiful eyes. “You clearly know how to get rid of Han Xiaowan, why didn’t you act on it? Is it because you have some kind of twisted friendship with Su Zhe from childhood, so even though you’ve broken up with him, you don’t have the heart to do it? Is that the case, hm?”

His gaze was as sharp as an eagle, and Tang Mo’er lowered her eyelashes guiltily. “I admit that I did think of this solution a long time ago, but to set up Su Zhe to have sex with Han Xiaowan. Yes, I hesitated.”

“And so, instead, you were the one they ended up getting set up.”

“… Sorry…”

Gu Mohan kissed her delicate forehead, she was still too young and wasn’t decisive enough in her actions.

“It’s alright, you can count on me to handle these matters. As for you, you only have one job.”

“Hm? What is it?” Tang Mo’er lifted her head and looked at her with her crystal clear eyes.

Her eyes were truly pure and innocent under his gaze. She was the perfect hybrid of an innocent girl mixed with the alluring charm of a woman. She would be able to feign her innocence, but also flirt around charmingly. Regardless of whichever side she showed, he could not help but allow himself to be seduced.

“Feed me well and I will slog my life away for you. ”

Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face became red in an instant and her eyes lowered into a mask of pure seduction. “Mr Gu, it turns out that you’re also a self-indulgent emperor.”

Gu Mohan raised a brow. “Emperor Cheng of the Han dynasty also lost his life on Zhao Hede’s bed. I wouldn’t mind giving his role a try.”


His passionate gaze landed on her, Tang Mo’er stuck out her tongue and licked his lips sensually, she continued to kiss him all the way down…

Half an hour later, Tang Mo’er stood in front of the sink while she threw up. Gu Mohan wore a set of black silky pajamas while he stood beside her, stretching out his hand and patting her back soothingly.

“How about you just swallow it.”

Tang Mo’er lifted her head, throwing him a sultry glance, before she lifted her hands to give him a mock punch.

But Gu Mohan managed to hold onto her slender waist with his muscular arm and pulled her in his embrace, leaning forward to kiss her red lips.

Tang Mo’er’s tiny hands landed on his muscular chest and laughed while not allowing him to kiss her. “You’ve kissed me so much my lips are all swollen, I won’t allow you to kiー”

Gu Mohan stretched out his slender fingers to hold on to her tiny jaw, looking at her swollen lips and teasing her, “You’ve got such a tiny mouth and yet you were so greedy. Now you’re pushing the blame on me?”


Dingdong. The doorbell suddenly rang and Lu Qi’er’s voice could be heard, “Mohan, are you done discussing matters with Miss Tang? It’s not early anymore, let’s return to our room.”


Lu Qi’er was indeed shameless.

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes to look at him and puffed up her cheeks, asking, “Did you have sex with Lu Qi’er?”

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