Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 337 - No Wonder Men Are Infatuated with You

Chapter 337: No Wonder Men Are Infatuated with You

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Gu Mohan held her in his arms while he lowered his head, his lips landing on her long hair. Her silky hair was beautifully scented and he kissed it thoroughly. “Before I met you, I led a normal life that wasn’t great, yet wasn’t too bad. But why is it that after I met you, I can’t live a day without you by my side? Mo’er. I love you, and only you.”

After getting his answer, Tang Mo’er hugged him even more tightly. She was thankful to have met Gu Mohan in this lifetime.

“Then, could you not fire CEO Wan?”

“Rather than discussing about CEO Wan’s matters, I’m more interested in asking you this. Why did Su Zhe call your name while he was having sex?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned, she instantly pouted her red lips. “It’s not my fault I’m the subject of that man’s sexual fantasies. You shouldn’t be unreasonable and blame me for this.”

He was jealous and picking fights with her, but she felt pleased because jealousy was a balancer that could sweeten things up, when used occasionally. If he were to be consumed in jealousy and not let things go, then it would be too much.

“Unreasonable?” Gu Mohan let out a wicked laugh and loosened his hold on her.

Lifting his hand, he removed his outer coat and sat on the bed, leaning lazily against the bed frame as he slowly lit a cigarette. “After I fought with Jun Chulin and went to the Capital, I saw your scandal with my father that night. I rushed back here and didn’t even get any sleep, then I find Su Zhe right there moaning your name while having sex with a woman. Tang Mo’er, I helped you to get rid of all the disgusting men around you and all I got in exchange is you calling me ‘unreasonable and blaming’, hm?”

Tang Mo’er’s heart twinged, she stretched out her slender legs and got up from the bed, pulling herself onto his lap and wrapping her arms around him.

She held his neck with her two tiny hands and kissed him. “What’s great about this cigarette, I want to try some.”

She leaned against his broad chest lazily, her kissable lips appearing in his line of vision and he thought that she would lean over to kiss him, but her true intention was to steal a smoke from him.

Gu Mohan narrowed his eyes and removed the cigarette from his mouth with his slender fingers, placing it in front of her lips.

Tang Mo’er opened her mouth and bit down on the same area he just bit on, taking in a puff of smoke.

“Don’t take in too much at a time. Be careful not to choke,” he reminded her carefully.

Tang Mo’er lifted her head and slowly blew a puff of smoke on his handsome face.

Hidden in the smoke, Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes instantly exuded a dark and dangerous vibe.

She had the audacity to blow a puff of smoke on his face.

This daring little thing.

Tang Mo’er’s clear eyes were glistening like pearls and she hugged him and whispered, “I, Tang Mo’er, will only belong to one man, Gu Mohan, for the rest of my life.”

Gu Mohan looked at her and a deep rumbling laughter erupted from his lips. He couldn’t deny that he was truly pleased and his chest was pumping vigorously from to his laughter. If anything, it made him even more sexy and charismatic.

His rough thumb landed on her red lips and he pressed on it forcefully, giving her a flirtatious look. “Your tiny mouth is so great at coaxing men. No wonder so many men are infatuated with you.”

“Tang Mo’er, I’m already in love with you, don’t make me even more obsessed. If not, the next time you head outside and get yourself into trouble with another man, I’ll lock you inside a room and ruin you. Let’s see if those men would still dare to remember you then.”

Tang Mo’er’s charming face instant blushed a crimson red and she leaned forward and kissed his inviting lips.

“Mr Gu, you’re really perverted.”

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