Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 336 - Gu Mohan, Do You Still Love Me?

Chapter 336: Gu Mohan, Do You Still Love Me?

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“Miss Tang, Mohan is my fiancé. We should naturally stay together tonight, what is your purpose in inviting my fiancé over to your room?”

“That’s right!” Lin Ruoxi instantly jumped into the conversation. “Tang Mo’er, aren’t you shameless enough? It wasn’t that long ago you were caught coming out of Uncle Gu’s room at night scantily clad. The two of you were clearly doing scandalous things alone in the room and now you’re still shameless enough to seduce Brother Mohan?”

Tang Mo’er gave Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi a cold-eyed stare, they must have been behind the drugging incident together with Han Xiaowan.

With a toss of her head, she gave them a smirk. “Since you’ve said that, wouldn’t I greatly disappoint you if I didn’t actually seduce him tonight?”


Tang Mo’er instantly stretched out her slender legs and took two steps forward, stopping in front of Lu Qi’er. She bent down and whispered beside Lu Qi’er’s ears, “Lu Qi’er, do you believe that as long as I’m determined, I’ll be able to seduce Mr Gu and make him spend all his nights in my room? As for what comes after…”

Lu Qi’er’s face instantly darkened to a pitch black.

Tang Mo’er turned her head around to look at Gu Mohan. “Mr Gu, I’ll see you in my room.”

In the room.

Tang Mo’er’s heart palpitated while she waited, she wasn’t confident that Gu Mohan would choose to come to her room.

Steady footsteps could be heard and the room door was pushed opened as Gu Mohan walked inside.

He had arrived.

Tang Mo’er speedily rushed forward and locked the room door.

Gu Mohan stood tall in the room, his deep and narrow eyes looking at her teasingly. “What are you doing, you even locked me in the room. Are you that afraid that I’ll go over to Lu Qi’er’s room?

“Where’s the confidence you exhibited just a little while ago? Weren’t you the cocky little one when you argued with Lu Qi’er so vehemently just now? Who was it that declared she could seduce me to sleep with her every night?”


His hearing was too outstanding, how was he even able to overhear her whispering to Lu Qi’er?

It was so embarrassing.

“Then why did you choose to come over?”

“Ah, it’s a coincidence that I have greater desires tonight and I’ll need a woman to satisfy me…”


Tang Mo’er really couldn’t tolerate this Mr Gu, who would start flirting the moment he didn’t get his way. She walked in front of him and stretched out her tiny hands, caressing the band-aid on his forehead. “Did your father hit you?”

No one on earth would dare to hit him, with the only exception being his father.

Her clear and bright eyes were filled with concern for him and looking at her, Gu Mohan’s heart melted and he took her tiny hands into his, kissing them gently and placating her.

“It’s nothing.”

“That night, I was drugged… That’s why I went inside your father’s room. We really didn’t do anything, Mr Gu. Do you trust me?”

“Why wouldn’t I trust you?” Gu Mohan smirked. “Am I such a dumb person in your eyes that I wouldn’t even realize it was all a setup? Or do you think that I would doubt my personal charm to the point I’d think you’d changed targets by seducing my father instead?”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes were instantly watery and she felt a fuzzy warmth grow in her heart. Stretching out her slender arms, she hugged his muscular body, burying her face right above his heart and listened to his powerful heartbeat.

“Gu Mohan, do you still love me? Do you still want to remain by my side?” Tang Mo’er finally revealed the doubts that had been dwelling in her mind for a very long time.

Every since that incident happened, her public image was ruined and though he was able to suppress the rumors, he still wasn’t able to keep the public from looking at her in a different light. If he were to be together with her, she would definitely ruin his reputation.

But… she still wanted to give it a go. If she was honest with herself, she really, really wanted to be together with him and remain by his side forever.

The incident wasn’t her fault, and she didn’t want to give him up because of it.

Their journey together hadn’t been easy at all and they had finally gotten to this stage after so many ups and downs. If they were to just breakup because of this incident, it would be an utter waste. She couldn’t bear to break up.

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