Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 335 - I’ll Be Waiting for You in Our Room Tonight

Chapter 335: I’ll Be Waiting for You in Our Room Tonight

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Tang Mo’er felt truly aggrieved, she didn’t do anything and was an innocent victim! Not only that, she was also disgusted by how Su Zhe took Han Xiaowan for her. Seeing the scene along gave her goosebumps that crawled all over her arms.

Mr Meissen rushed into the room, an enraged growl thundered through the air, “What the f*ck are you two doing?!”

Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan had gone crazy in their lust. It was only after hearing Mr Meissen’s growl that they instantly sobered up.

There was a crowd around the door, many helpers had gathered around. It wasn’t that bad for Su Zhe since he had only removed his underwear and the bathrobe he wore was still intact and so he easily covered himself up.

On the contrary, Han Xiaowan was pretty much finished with no way out of this mess. Her top was lifted all the way up her neck and her skirt was taken off long ago. After Su Zhe stood to the side, she was practically naked and exposed for all to see.

“Ahhhh!!!!!!!” she screamed and hugged herself, trying to cover herself up as she looked at the enraged Mr Meissen in fear. She couldn’t figure out what had happened. How could she do something so stupid? Why did her sexual desires overcome her brain and make her go to Su Zhe’s room when they were in Meissen’s territory?!

“Meissen, please listen to my explanation. I… I didn’t do this willingly, Iー”


Mr Meissen lifted his hand and gave Han Xiaowan a tight slap.

Han Xiaowan fell back onto the carpet and was the most pathetic she had ever been. Mr Meissen was an uncultured man and he had slapped her so hard her teeth had become loose, to the point they had almost fallen out.

Mr Meissen felt that the slap wasn’t enough to vent his frustration. Stalking forward, he grabbed Han Xiaowan by her long hair.

Slap! Slap!

“You little b*tch, you actually dared to make me a cuckold, fool me and cheat on me on my turf. You fooled me time after time. You dirty slut, I’ll make sure to punish you today!”

After slapping her multiple times, Han Xiaowan was half-dead and though she pleaded and begged, no one was willing to help her.

“M-Meissen, stop hitting me, it hurts. Meissen, please stop hitting me…” Han Xiaowan hugged herself to try protect herself and cried her eyes out.

She was done for.

She knew for sure that she was finished.

When she first seduced Mr Meissen with her beauty, her life was almost perfect, but now in the space of a day, she had fallen from grace from her own stupidity.

How had it happened? What had come over her?

Mr Meissen wouldn’t believe her anymore, why did she end up like that. She just couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

“Someone haul this little b*tch away! She makes me sick!” Mr Meissen thundered.


The bodyguards speedily dragged Han Xiaowan away.

Mr Meissen’s chest was pumping up and down and red hot anger made him so furious he wanted to kill the b*tch on sight. Glaring at Su Zhe, he snorted in contempt and left.

After the drama was over, the crowd of helpers around the door dispersed and Gu Mohan turned around with Tang Mo’er in tow.

Spotting the pair, Su Zhe shouted while in his disheveled state, “Mo’er!”

Before Tang Mo’er could even react, she felt some pain on her waist. Gu Mohan had pinched her again.

This man!

Tang Mo’er looked at Gu Mohan’s handsome and overbearing back figure and couldn’t help but feel touched. Even when consumed with jealousy, he was still protecting her.

Lu Qi’er walked forward and tittered elegantly, “Mohan, you’re back. Here is the keycard to our room. I’ll be waiting for you in our room tonight.”

Lu Qi’er then handed the keycard over to Gu Mohan.

Tang Mo’er’s heart thumped anxiously. Was he going to share a room with Lu Qi’er?

They were going to sleep together?


He was her man, she would never allow him to touch Lu Qi’er!

Gu Mohan wanted to speak, but two fingers tugged on his sleeve. “Mr Gu, I have something to tell you. Won’t you come to my room tonight?”

Gu Mohan looked at the woman beside him with the corner of his eye. Tang Mo’er’s bright and clear eyes stared back at him, showing him a deep sensuality that hinted at something more.

Lu Qi’er’s face darkened, her words were meant to agitate Tang Mo’er, but she didn’t think the slut would openly try to snatch Gu Mohan away from her.

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