Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 334 - Taking Revenge Against A Scumbag Is So Satisfying

Chapter 334: Taking Revenge Against A Scumbag Is So Satisfying

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She wanted a man.

No, she needed a man.

The man in front of her was Su Zhe, a man she had missed terribly and couldn’t forget about. Han Xiaowan instantly felt herself burning with sexual desire and her face was flushed with need.

She hugged Su Zhe tightly and her hands caressed him with blatant want. “Su Zhe, don’t push me away. I’ve missed you so much. So, so much. Don’t you miss me at all?”

Su Zhe felt his throat getting dry but he was still clear headed. “Han Xiaowan, you’re already dating Mr Meissen. This is his Jinhua Palace, are you going to make him a cuckold right in his territory?”

At the same time, in the Jinhua Palace restaurant, Lin Shiyu found Tang Mo’er and they held hands while they headed to the restaurant. Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi were also there, and the four crossed paths and the atmosphere was tense.

Mr Meissen looked around and asked the helpers, “Where’s Miss Han?”

The helpers shook their head. “Sir, we haven’t seen Miss Han.”

The OLED screen in the lobby was suddenly switched on and Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan appeared on the huge screen. Han Xiaowan was like an Enhydris sliding around Su Zhe’s body, “Su Zhe, let’s not talk about Meissen, I don’t even like him. He’s a boorish man who doesn’t know anything about pleasuring me. You’re my one true love, I’ve been fantasizing about you when I spend my nights with Meissen. Su Zhe, I want you!”

As she pawed at him with audacious hands, she pressed her body against him in a provocative manner, teasing him as she pulled him in further.

Su Zhe shut his eyes, he just couldn’t control himself and the burning desire inside him. He lifted Han Xiaowan by her hips and the two of them fell on the huge bed as his hands lifted Han Xiaowan’s skirt…


Han Xiaowan screamed out in pleasure.

Mr Meissen stood up furiously, after being made a cuckold, his face darkened to a pitch black and he flipped the table over. “Little b*tch!”

Storming out of the room, he ran upstairs to catch them red-handed.

Lu Qi’er’s face darkened since Han Xiaowan was her ally. She didn’t anticipate Han Xiaowan would implicate herself so quickly.

Her heart sank and she brought Lin Ruoxi upstairs too.

“Mo’er, let’s go and take a look too.” Lin Shiyu held Tang Mo’er’s tiny hand.

“Okay.” Tang Mo’er got up and they both headed upstairs.

In the room upstairs .

Mr Meissen kicked open the door forcefully and stormed in. On the huge bed in the room, Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan were joint at the hip, having sex while dressed in barely anything.

Han Xiaowan was deep in the throes of passion as she screamed, “Ah! Su Zhe! It feels so good, take me harder! Harder!”

Su Zhe had closed his eyes, his mind was filled with Tang Mo’er’s tiny face. He had gone into a state of crazed madness and shouted, “Mo’er, Mo’er, you’re finally mine!”

Tang Mo’er just arrived in front of the door and she could hear Su Zhe calling her name while having sex with Han Xiaowan.


A crowd of humans stepped back and knocked into her, she instantly fell back and a muscular arm held her waist right in time.

Looking up, she saw Gu Mohan’s handsome face.

Gu Mohan had returned.

He wore a black coat while exuding a cold expression, but his embrace was full of strength and he steadily held onto her, protecting her in his arms.

“Ah! Mo’er, you feel so good! Mo’er!” Su Zhe was still shouting her name as he thrust himself into Han Xiaowan.



It was incredibly awkward. Tang Mo’er gaze instantly riveted on Gu Mohan, she could only observe Gu Mohan pursing his thin lips while his deep and narrow eyes landed on her tiny face, giving her an unhappy frown.

He exerted more strength and pinched her slender waist.

His woman was a subject of another man’s sexual fantasy and he had to stand here and listen to the man speak this garbage. Handsome brows instantly furrowed up and he was clearly displeased.

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