Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 333 - She Actually Felt Something for Him Just Now

Chapter 333: She Actually Felt Something for Him Just Now

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Lin Shiyu adjusted her negligee and lifted the blanket to get off the bed, before making a beeline for the bathroom.

Standing in front of the bathroom counter, she looked at herself in the mirror blankly. Her beautiful face slowly blushed red and her charms were more pronounced than usual. The woman staring back at her in the mirror was unfamiliar to her.

How could it be?

She had… actually felt something for the man towering over her just now.

She twisted the tap and splashed cold water on her face, wanting to cast away those strange thoughts as she started to wash up.

Much to her surprise, she found herself not bleeding anymore.

Usually, her period was the heaviest on the first two days of her menstrual cycle, but she didn’t bleed today. Strange. There were faint, red spots on the sanitary pad just like a plum blossom that had just bloomed.

What was wrong with her?

She always had a regular cycle, so this isn’t good. She would need to visit a doctor at the hospital later to see if there was anything wrong.

After washing up, she opened the bathroom door and walked out. “Did anything happen while I was sleeping?”

Fu Qinglun also got up, he got rid of the infatuated look on his face and tucked his white shirt into his trousers, putting on a black belt around his waist and finishing up the usual prince charming look.

His handsome face was devoid of emotion, looking at her from the corner of his eye, he moved his lips, “Nothing much. Only that yesterday, your best friend Tang Mo’er, ran into Mohan’s father, Gu Tianling’s room and created a huge scandal that is now widely spread across the internet.”


Lin Shiyu’s cell phone slipped out of her hands and fell on the woolen carpet. She picked it up immediately then hurried towards the door.

Such a huge incident had happened, she had to find Tang Mo’er right now, immediately!

Seeing her so worried about Tang Mo’er, Fu Qinglun frowned and bit out sarcastically, “Tang Mo’er got herself into some trouble and you look like you’re ready to get yourself involved in a fight. But with Gu Mohan involved, you can rest assured. Whoever set Tang Mo’er up won’t be able to escape.”

Han Xiaowan had spent the entire day in her room. The situation outside wasn’t good and she was restless.

She had joined forces with Lu Qi’er to set Tang Mo’er up, intending to ruin Tang Mo’er with this scandal, but she had never anticipated that Gu Mohan would return and purge the entire city of Karghalik, just for Tang Mo’er. This made her almost want to tear her hair out from jealousy.

Gu Mohan’s methods were ruthless, she had an innate fear towards him and had a perpetual feeling that someone had already targeted her.

Was it only a matter of time?

Han Xiaowan pushed opened her room door, wanting to find Lu Qi’er.

But in the midst of her search, she felt her body burning up and her mind becoming unclear. She didn’t know why, but she walked in front of someone’s room door and subconsciously pushed open the room door.

It was Su Zhe’s room.

Su Zhe just had a shower and wore a white bathrobe while drinking a cup of tea. He then felt his face becoming red and body temperature rising, his mind filled with a charming face. All he could think of was Tang Mo’er.

Suddenly, a delicate body hugged him from behind, a whiny voice in his ear, “Su Zhe.”

Su Zhe turned around, once he saw that it was Han Xiaowan, he instantly revealed an expression of blatant disgust and wanted to push her away. “Han Xiaowan, why are you in my room? You’re not welcome here. Get out!”

Han Xiaowan could only feel the burning waves wracking through her body, it was about to consume her. She only had one thing in mind. She needed a man.

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