Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 332 - Why Did You Call Me Shi’shi

Chapter 332: Why Did You Call Me Shi’shi

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Lin Shiyu was pressed against the mattress while Fu Qinglun took full advantage of her. She didn’t know how it had escalated so quickly from feeding her water to kissing her. All in all, he was trying to exploit her.

Since she didn’t close her eyes, all she could see was his handsome face. She realized that he closed his eyes when he kissed her passionately.

All they could hear was heart fluttering sounds of their kissing as their lips touched.

Lin Shiyu felt something strange inside her, she felt a twinge in her chest and her calm mind was disrupted by him.

Her beautiful face was instantly red, her stiff body also relaxed under him.

She suddenly felt that it wasn’t that bad, being kissed by him.

Wait a second. What on earth was she thinking?

Lin Shiyu realized that she was letting her imagination run wild, she had actually felt something different, a spark of something infinitesimally small towards this man.

Hiss. She let out a slight hmph.

Fu Qinglun couldn’t stop. He found himself addicted to kissing her, feeling her soft lips against his and after hearing her making the ‘hmph’ sound, he opened his bloodshot eyes. Letting go of her wrist, he placed a hand on her flat tummy, asking gently, “Does your stomach hurt?”

It didn’t hurt.

After sleeping for an entire day, she didn’t feel any pain anymore, her energy was thoroughly replenished.

She had done it on purpose.

Her hands landing on his broad chest, pushing him away. “Get off me, you’re so heavy.”

Fu Qinglun glared at her, he just wanted to continue what they were doing before, but in consideration of her body, he eventually got up very reluctantly.

Lin Shiyu turned around and faced him with her back.

Her heart was thrumming and agitated like she couldn’t believe. She didn’t want to face him like this.

But he moved closer and hugged her from behind, the hand against her stomach was also making soft ministrations under her negligee as he slowly moved his way around.

“Fu Qinglun, why are you so annoying?”

This Little Princess Fu, he was seriously needy.

Moreover, she wasn’t sure whether it was because he didn’t have any experience dating other women, but he seemed to be obsessed with her body.

It was understandable that he wanted to do stuff like that since he was a normal man at his prime where he was full of vigor and had a high sex drive. But now that he was kissing and caressing her all over, these sorts of intimate things were things that only real couples in their honeymoon period would do. Why was he doing it to her?

Little Princess Fu was not only bothersome but also very needy at the same time.

She instantly pressed the large palm on her chest down.

Fu Qinglun sat up straight, looking at her with his fringe draped over his forehead as his eyes were hooded and his voice low and husky.



Lin Shiyu’s pupils instantly contracted and she sucked in a silent breath. There were only two people on earth who would call her Shi’shi, her mother and… Zijun.

“Why did you call me Shi’shi?” She asked quickly.

Fu Qinglun’s gaze became intense and he pursed his lips, “Your mother told me she called you that.”

So it was her mother.

“But… mmm!”

Fu Qinglun bent down again and kissed her lips.

After being taken advantage of, Lin Shiyu instantly struggled and resisted. His lips were beside her ear, calling her again in a hoarse voice, “Shi’shi.”

He sounded like he was flirting with his lover and also calling for his one and only.

Lin Shiyu couldn’t hold it in anymore, her body went soft and she succumbed into his arms.

Fu Qinglun continued kissing her… Her softness was irresistible and just couldn’t get enough.

After a long time, Fu Qinglun turned around and pulled her onto the soft bed. His Adam’s apple bobbed prominently and his dark desire burned like charcoal coursing through his veins.

F*ck! She had her period and they wouldn’t be able to go further.

He had only brought trouble onto himself.

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