Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 331 - You’ve Got an Arrogant Princess Living in Your Heart, Little Princess Fu

Chapter 331: You’ve Got an Arrogant Princess Living in Your Heart, Little Princess Fu

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Get her a glass of water?

Fu Qinglun expressed his displeasure and let out a derisive snort. “No, I’m not going to do it.”

Lin Shiyu gave him a glance before getting up, preparing to get herself the water.

But a large hand grabbed her wrist in time and pulled forcefully, causing her to land on the soft mattress again.

“Stay right there!”

Fu Qinglun spoke and instantly got up to pour her water.

After being pulled back onto the bed, her silky hair was scattered on the floral pillowcase and Lin Shiyu studied him closely. With his large steps, it didn’t take long for him to reach the counter and pour her a glass of water.

The sleeves of his white shirt were wrapped around his wrist and his prince-like demeanor was somewhat therapeutic.

“Here’s your water.” Fu Qinglun stalked back and stood tall beside the bed, handing over glass.

Lin Shiyu sat up straight and reached over to hold it into her hands.

But Fu Qinglun directly placed the glass of water in front of her lips, his intentions clear. He wanted to feed it to her.

Lin Shiyu didn’t speak, she was really thirsty and so she moved her lips closer to the glass and accepted his intentions.

But a problem arose. The two were clearly lacking coordination and more than a few drops of water slid down the corner of her mouth made her pajamas wet.


She speedily lifted her eyes to stare balefully at him.

There was awkwardness in the air, Fu Qinglun’s handsome facial features stiffened and after a few seconds, he pursed his thin lips and spoke, “You’re blaming me?”

“Oh no, Young Master Fu, you’re fantastic, really. I only have myself to blame.” Lin Shiyu stretched out her slender arm to take a few pieces of tissues to dry herself.

But her line of vision was blocked, a hand landed on her shoulder and pushed her back onto the bed. Fu Qinglun knelt on the bed and towered over her. “What do you mean, are you looking down on me?”


Was the disgust on her face so apparent?

He shouldn’t have volunteered to help her when he clearly didn’t know how to. She only managed to drink one small mouthful of water but her clothing was already wet.

She knew that he had a distinguished family background as the young master of the Fu family and had never had to serve anyone, so why was he adamant about it?

Lin Shiyu raised a corner of her lip. “Young Master Fu, why are you so agitated? You were the one who couldn’t even do that one thing properly and yet you’re not allowing others to reveal their displeasure? I realize that you’ve got an arrogant princess living in your heart, Little Princess Fu!”

Little Princess Fu?

What the hell?

Fu Qinglun’s face was already clouded with anger and it got worse after she made those snide remarks. Her lips were fully supple and lustrous after drinking some water and the fruit-like appearance made it irresistible for him. He leisurely raised a corner of his lips. “I didn’t perform well just now, so I’ll definitely give you some water properly this time.”

After speaking, he placed the cup in front of his lips and drank a mouthful of water.

Lin Shiyu instantly realized his intentions. “Young Master Fu, what are you trying to doーmmmh!”

He bent down and kissed her lips.

His powerful tongue had made it through her teeth and he fed her a mouthful of water.

Lin Shiyu didn’t have any room to resist, she swallowed the mouthful of water.

She wasn’t a fan of kissing, it was a filthy practice in her eyes and now that he actually fed her water using his mouth, she wanted to lift her arm and hit him.

But Fu Qinglun was faster than her, putting her hands above her head and feeding her another mouthful of water.


Like that, they exchanged their saliva and it rushed inside, filling into her mouth before she could do anything. Unwilling to leave after feeding her a few mouthfuls of water, Fu Qinglun delved deeper and deeper, interlocked his tongue with hers.

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