Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 330 - Why Are You Still so Childish!

Chapter 330: Why Are You Still so Childish!

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After realizing that he was tickling her nose with a feather, Lin Shiyu turned around so her back was facing him.

Though she didn’t anticipate that the clean, masculine scent would follow. He pushed himself further down and stretched over his muscular arm, continuing to tickle her nose with the feather.

“… Young Master Fu, you’re not young anymore, why are you still so childish!”

Who would have thought that the young master of the distinguished Fu family would play such a childish prank and tickle her nose with a feather while she slept?

Fu Qinglun observed Lin Shiyu’s beautiful face while she was in his arms and raised a corner of his wine red lips. “Stop sleeping, you’ve slept through the entire day, any more sleep would make you dumb.”

Lin Shiyu opened her eyes and turned around, facing him. “I slept through the entire day?”

“That’s right, a day has passed already.”


Lin Shiyu instantly sobered up. She wasn’t someone who loved sleeping, how did she even spend the entire day sleeping?

All of a sudden, she was reminded that she had her period and instantly closed her legs. Could it be that she’d leaked?

She slept through the entire day and didn’t have the chance to change her pad…

In the eyes of someone who had an obsession with cleanliness, this would be an unbearable thing to do.

“Don’t worry, I helped you to change your pad.”



His deep voice traveled into her ears, Lin Shiyu lifted her head and his handsome face appeared right in front of her eyes.

“You… How did you figure out when you should change my pad?”

Judging by his performance last night, she was certain he had no experience with anything related to the women’s menstrual cycle.

Fu Qinglun’s gaze travelled from her beautiful face down to her legs below the silk blanket. He couldn’t reveal his inner thoughts and could only clear his throat.

Lin Shiyu felt her blood rushing right to her brain when she figured out that he must have… peeked inside her underwear, most probably multiple times.


He even changed her pad, she just couldn’t imagine the image of him visually violating her modesty and acting like a pervert.

Furious, she grabbed a pillow, smashing it on his face. “Fu Qinglun, why are you such a pervert!”

Fu Qinglun didn’t avoid the attack and let himself be smothered by the pillow. His handsome facial features showed a trace of gloominess and he got up. He continued to look at her, and she was angered and her face darkened to a pitch black.

She continued sleeping and didn’t wake up even after a long time, her pad definitely needed to be changed and since he paid attention to cleanliness, he naturally wouldn’t allow his woman to have unhygienic practices. Since he didn’t have any experience, the only way he could do it was to peek inside her underwear almost every hour and though he acknowledged the fact that he had behaved a little like a pervert, wasn’t it all for her own good?

He didn’t have any experience helping women out while they had their period, so it took him a long time before figuring out how to stick on the pad with the small pair of wings attached to it.

Now that she was berating him like that, he wasn’t too pleased either.

He swept the documents that were originally scattered on the bed on the ground, not forgetting to kick the document that was left beside his leg on the ground too.

The atmosphere in the room instantly tensed up.

Lin Shiyu gave him a glance. Now he was leaning against the bed frame and his long legs were on the bed. He wore a white, custom-made shirt with black trousers but his shirt wasn’t tucked inside his trousers, it was pulled out and gave him a casual look instead.

His handsome face was even more pronounced in the morning sun and he was as youthful and good looking as ever.

There were a few more documents scattered on the bed. Had he been working on the bed while she slept?

Did he spend the entire day in the room without leaving?

He had accompanied her for the entire day?

Was it because he got bored after accompanying her for an entire day, with nothing more than work to do, so he tickled her nose with a feather to wake her up?

Lin Shiyu felt something strange move in her heart. “Young Master Fu, I’m thirsty. Would you get me a glass of water.”

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