Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 329 - I Also Want to Marry a Woman I Love

Chapter 329: I Also Want to Marry a Woman I Love

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Gu Tianling was momentarily shocked at the question, then enraged as he spat out, “Yes, I did slap Tang Mo’er. What can you do to me? Are you going to hit me?”

“Ha,” Gu Mohan forced out a laugh and turned around, moving closer to Gu Tianling and took out the hand he originally placed in his trouser pocket. A dignified laugh came out of his mouth. “Father, I’m your son and so when you smashed the ashtray against my head, I didn’t avoid it. But trust me, this will be the first and last time I’ll allow you to get away with it. And also, I am Tang Mo’er’s man, so it’s my responsibility to protect her. Since you’ve hit my woman, I can’t help but settle this score with you.”

After speaking, Gu Mohan grabbed Gu Tianling by his shirt collar and landed a forceful punch on his face.

Five minutes later.

The doors to the villa were pulled open and Gu Mohan strode down the entrance steps with the presence of a king. A familiar figure was standing at the front. Huo Yanmei had arrived.

Huo Yanmei looked at Gu Mohan before peering through the entrance doors. Gu Tianling lay sprawled on the ground and was groaning in pain.

“Mohan, did you hit your father?”

Gu Mohan walked in front of Huo Yanmei and ignored her question, speaking in an emotionless voice. “Mom, you should get a divorce.”


Huo Yanmei was stunned.

“Mom, isn’t 30 years long enough? You should let it go. You’ve lost all your charms and become so ruthless I can barely recognize you anymore. Don’t allow yourself to stoop to an even lower level. I would be responsible for the actions of both An’an and you.”

I would be responsible.

His words made Huo Yanmei’s eyes redden as the felt the telltale sting of hot tears behind her eyes. This son of hers was much taller than her and was capable of protecting her, but she could only experience sorrow.

“Did you hit Tang Mo’er?”

After hearing that question, Huo Yanmei instantly lifted her eyes to look at Gu Mohan accusingly. “Did Tang Mo’er tell you that?”

Gu Mohan shook his head. “She didn’t tell me anything. She didn’t even mention a word about you hitting her.”

Huo Yanmei originally felt a bit of pity for Tang Mo’er, but once she remembered that it was Lin Xuanji’s daughter, any compassion she felt dissipated into pure apathy. Feeling her son’s pressing gaze on her, she carefully avoided eye contact and didn’t respond.

“Mom, I’m 30 this year. After a few more years, I won’t be young anymore. I would also like to marry a woman I love and have a few children and a family of my own when I’m still in my prime. I’ve found the right one now, she knows how to dote on me and love me. Why can’t you accept her?

“I hope it’ll be the last time you hit her, if you still want to acknowledge me as your son.”

After speaking, Gu Mohan turned around and left.

“Mohan,” Huo Yanmei shouted towards him, “Old Master has already flown to Karghalik!”

Old Master was the one who had supported the entire Gu family in its hardest times. He held the greatest power and was brutal and ruthless in his ways.

“Mohan, you’re head over heels for Tang Mo’er and even fell out with your own father. Old Master will never allow the Gu family to be messed up. You’re his greatest successor. He will never accept Tang Mo’er!”

The morning rays shone through the curtains and fell on Lin Shiyu’s body with a warm coziness and she snuggled deeper into the sheets. She moved around lazily and for some reason, her nosy felt itchy. There seemed to be something tickling her nose.

What was it?

She opened her eyes and she could see Fu Qinglun’s handsome face in her line of sight.

Fu Qinglun leaned against the bed frame lazily and towered over her with his tall build. He stretched out and pushed his muscular chest against her body while supporting himself with one muscular arm, beside her head. He held a feather in his other hand and was tickling her nose gently.

After being awakened, Lin Shiyu blinked sleepily as she registered her surroundings.

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