Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 328 - You Don’t Have the Capability

Chapter 328: You Don’t Have the Capability

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Butler Ye hollered in agony, he felt that his hand was going to break if Gu Mohan continued to step on it.

“Young Master, please spare my life. I was wrong, I won’t dare to do it again.”

As Butler Ye started to plead, his gaze traveled all the way up from Gu Mohan’s trousers, eventually landing on his face. He observed Gu Mohan closely. The man was still smiling and exuding indifference, but if anything, it only made him more terrifying.

“You say you were wrong? What did you do wrong? All these years, no matter the number of mistresses you’d found for my father, I didn’t interfere. Now you’re getting brazen, even coveting my woman for my father. You’re daring enough to bully her, hm? Rest assured, I’ll help her take revenge on those who have bullied her and make them pay triple the price!”

Butler Ye thrashed and struggled as he wailed and shrieked when the pain got worse. Looking in Gu Tianling’s direction, he blubbered, “Master, save me, please save me!”

Gu Tianling face darkened, it was known that one should recognize someone’s owner before punishing them. Gu Mohan acted violently towards Butler Ye in his presence in order to warn him.

His words just now were all meant for Gu Tianling.

That was because he had coveted Gu Mohan’s woman!

“Bastard!” Gu Tianling raised an ashtray he picked up from the coffee table, forcefully smashing it on Gu Mohan’s head.

Gu Mohan didn’t avoid his attack, he would have easily be able to do so with his physical agility. The ashtray was smashed right on the back of his head and a faint sound was let out, before the ashtray fell right on the carpet and he started bleeding profusely.

“President!” Yan Dong shouted and charged forward, bringing over the medicine box and he started to dress Gu Mohan’s wound.

By now, Butler Ye had fainted. All five fingers on his right hand had been trampled until they were completely broken. It was likely his hand would be handicapped for life.

Two bodyguards went forward and took Butler Ye away.

The atmosphere in the living room instantly transformed into one that was oppressive and intimidating. Yan Dong could only do some basic dressing of Gu Mohan’s wound before he was asked to leave.

Gu Mohan leaned against the sofa lazily, taking out a cigarette, lighting it up with a frown on his face.

Taking a puff of the cigarette, the smoke came out and the haze made his features a distinct blur.

Although Gu Tianling had hurt his own son, he didn’t feel even a sliver of guilt or pain and he let out a derisive snort. “Gu Mohan, you’ve truly grown up and gotten more independent. You don’t have any respect left for your father anymore. Just because of that woman Tang Mo’er, you’re trying to mess with your own father?”

“Father?” Gu Mohan let out a puff of smoke and chuckled darkly. “When you tried to mess with Tang Mo’er, did you give it any thought that she’s your son’s woman? Father , why did you mess with her? Didn’t you know that no one is allowed to mess with her?”

The word ‘father’ was spat out almost contemptuously.

Gu Tianling paled, but he speedily got himself together. “You’re my son, all that you own now is given to you by the Gu family. If you’re daring enough to mess with me, I shall chase you out of the Gu family and make you lose everything you own now.”

Chase him out of the Gu family?

Lose everything he owned?

Gu Mohan’s facial features were blurred out in the smokiness and he poked his own chest with the same hand he used to hold the cigarette and laughed. “Father, did you misunderstand the situation? You’ve been leading such a carefree lifestyle all these years while I was the one slogging away for the Gu family. The money you spent on your mistresses was all earned by me!”

“You spent the money I earned frivolously and even tried to sleep with my woman. Father, stop being so naive. You’re thinking about making me lose everything I own? You don’t have the capability.”

“You!” Gu Tianling felt something in his mouth, he was about to vomit blood after being angered so badly by his son.

Gu Mohan leisurely finished smoking his cigarette and stubbed it out on the ashtray. He stood up and patted the ash off his clothing.

Placing one hand in his pocket, he was about to leave, but he suddenly paused and riveted his gaze on Gu Tianling’s darkened face. An eerie laugh came out of his lips. “Oh yes, Father, did you slap Tang Mo’er?”

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