Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 327 - Tang Mo'er Is My Woman

Chapter 327: Tang Mo’er Is My Woman

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Gu Mohan had arrived.

He stretched out his long legs and walked over with steady footsteps, removing his outerwear and handing the black coat over to Yan Dong. Yan Dong respectfully moved aside and Gu Mohan sat opposite Gu Tianling, a smirk on his face when he saw the broken glass on the floor. “Father, why did you throw such a big tantrum?”

Gu Tianling glared at Gu Mohan, who sat opposite him. Gu Mohan wore a custom-made white shirt with black trousers, his countenance handsome and noble. All these years he had spent in the business industry had contributed to his sharp, clear-headed aura. A simple action of his would be able to present his king-like charisma clearly.

Ever since his birth, Gu Tianling has never taken a good look at this son of his.

Now that he was so close that he could see him, he felt an insurmountable distance from him.

“Gu Mohan, you’ve arrived at the right time, I was just about to look for you. What are your intentions, why did you hold me captive here? You’ve got such great audacity to treat your father like this.” Gu Tianling’s face darkened as he scolded Gu Mohan.

In the face of his father’s ire, Gu Mohan remained calm and maintained the same expression. “Father, the situation outside is not the best for you right now. For now, you should just rest here and avoid the backlash. After things get better, I’ll arrange for a private jet to send you back to the Capital.”

“What?” Gu Tianling almost leaped off the couch, and he shuddered while looking at Gu Mohan. “Send me back to the Capital? You’re planning to keep me captive in the Capital?”

Butler Ye was sweating profusely and gave a sidewards glance at the father and son. Ever since Gu Mohan had entered the villa, he didn’t have any facial expression on his face, but a bone chilling coldness was radiating off him in spades, drawing fear from everyone around him.

He hurriedly made a cup of tea and went forward, ingratiating himself with them. “Master, Young Master, you should both cool down. If we look at the cause or our problem, it’s only a mere woman who has started all of this.

“Young Master, I can be a witness. It was Miss Tang who knocked on Master’s room door last night. She only wore a negligee. Just one look and anyone would tell you that she was trying to seduce Master. Young Master, you shouldn’t be fooled by Miss Tang’s innocent looks, she’s just an indecent little slut.”

Gu Mohan lifted his eyes and flickered an impassive glance at Butler Ye. He then raised a corner of his lips and laughed.

Gu Mohan started to laugh out of the sudden.

When he started to laugh, his entire row of sparkling white teeth were revealed. At this moment, they looked to be as sharp and vicious as a tiger’s teeth and exuded a murderous vibe.

Butler Ye’s heart palpitated in fear, as he stuttered, “Y-Young Master, you… you should have some tea.”

Gu Mohan gave him a glance and stretched out a hand, receiving the teacup from the man.

Butler Ye was relieved, Gu Mohan was willing to drink the cup of tea he served. That meant that he was successful in his persuasion.

He handed the teacup over to Gu Mohan.

When he was about to receive the teacup, Gu Mohan suddenly loosened his grip and crash! The cup of tea fell on the carpet and shattered, dripping hot liquid everywhere.

It was obvious that Gu Mohan had done it on purpose, but Butler Ye hurriedly knelt on the ground, prostrating in front of his long legs as he trembled. “Young Master, it was an accident.”

Gu Mohan stared at the servant kneeling in front of him. Lifting his foot, he placed his wet leather shoe in front of Butler Ye and spoke in an emotionless manner, “Wipe it clean.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Butler Ye took out a handkerchief from his pocket and started to wipe the leather shoe.

The next moment, Gu Mohan slowly lifted his leg and stepped on Butler Ye’s hand. Hard.

He used a great amount of force, as though he was stepping on garbage. A dangerous smirk toyed at the corner of his lips as he spoke, “What did you just say earlier? That Tang Mo’er is a slut? Ha, did I hear wrongly? Tang Mo’er is my woman, so you’re insulting my woman and calling her a slut. Lowly peasant, who gave you the right and audacity to do that, hm?”

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