Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 326 - Gu Mohan Purged All of Karghalik

Chapter 326: Gu Mohan Purged All of Karghalik

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Tang Mo’er’s black pupils instantly contracted. What? Gu Mohan fired CEO Wan?

He also fired the entire management team of DHA Diamonds?

“Miss Tang, when DHA Diamonds was created, we were already there for DHA. It has been 30 years and we’ve protected DHA Diamonds, just like it is our precious child. No one else would understand and love DHA Diamonds more than us. President Gu is willing to ruin DHA Diamonds, just for you!”

Tang Mo’er’s heart wrenched, he had returned last night without any changes in his emotions, still as gentle and needy as usual. From the outside, nothing seemed to have changed.

But it turned out he was brutally reforming everything behind her back.

CEO Wan and the senior executives were DHA Diamond’s core and foundation. To him, he couldn’t care any less and got rid of them, willing to ruin DHA Diamonds, just like that.

He did it for her.

Actually, deep inside, he did care what had happened between her and Gu Tianling. He cared about it more than anyone else.

“Miss Tang, we hope that you’ll be able to put in a good word for us in front of President Gu. President Gu will definitely listen to you.” CEO Wan pleaded beseechingly.

Tang Mo’er frowned. “When he comes back, I’ll have a word with him. I can’t promise anything.”

CEO Wan hung up, his voice filled with gratitude.

Tang Mo’er lifted the blanket and got out of bed, walking to the window to draw open the curtains.

The yard downstairs was initially filled with reporters who almost barged into her room last night. Now, they were all gone.

Everyone was gone, the reporters had all left.

Someone knocked on the door, and Qi Xi pushed open the room door and entered.

“Qi Xi, what happened outside? Why did all of the reporters leave?”

“Mo’er, Mr Gu blacklisted a few influential entertainment news outlets this morning. Since their bosses were in trouble, the reporters naturally fled to handle their own matters. Also, all threads on Weibo about you have been removed. The video and sound recordings had vanished in a span of one night. Mr Gu had used brutal measures to purge all of Karghalik. It seems that anything related to you is now censored. So amazingly ruthless!”

Gu Mohan had purged all of Karghalik in one night.

The Capital’s leading conglomerate. It wasn’t easy to witness his strike, but once he did, he struck hard and fast, leaving only mass destruction in his wake.

Regarding this scandal, he didn’t have to ask for any explanation. All he did was make use of his influence and power to cover things up in Karghalik, protecting her from the outside world.

It was almost terrifying.

In the villa.

Gu Tianling paced in the living room, before forcefully smashing a teacup on the ground in agitation. “Where the hell is Gu Mohan? Hurry and call him to come over. What the f*ck is he intending to do? Holding me captive here and not allowing me to leave?”

The maids stood in a corner, clearly intimidated and didn’t even dare to make any sound at all, for they feared that Gu Tianling would vent his frustrations on them.

Butler Ye was also sweating. Tang Mo’er had offered herself to Gu Tianling last night and it was a good thing. However, he didn’t anticipate the arrival of so many reporters. They even filmed a video and he didn’t have any time to settle things with them. A group of bodyguards dressed in black charged in and brought Gu Tianling and him inside the villa. Since then, they guarded the door and didn’t allow the two to leave.

They were blatantly holding them captive!

The Gu family was going to be in chaos. The son imprisoned the father, just because of a woman.

Butler Ye was fully aware that Gu Tianling had lived a carefree life all these years with Gu Mohan at the helm, ensuring the success of the Gu Corporation. In essence, the one holding all the power was Gu Mohan. Should Gu Mohan rebel and commit treachery…

Speak of the devil.

The doors to the villa were pulled open and a gust of cold wind entered the villa as Gu Mohan appeared at the entrance, dressed in black like the devil’s incarnate.

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