Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 349 - Beauty Tang Lost Her Sight

Chapter 349: Beauty Tang Lost Her Sight

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Jinhua Palace.

In the room, the doctor carried the medicine box and left, all that was left was a pungent scent of disinfectant.

Gu Mohan lay on the bed, his back completely exposed. The angry welts on his back were already dressed by the doctor, but it was still bloody as the stark red soaked through the bandages.

Yan Dong whispered, “Miss Tang, the doctor has given President an injection of analgesic, he is experiencing some drowsiness. I shall leave you to take care of President tonight.”

“Alright.” Tang Mo’er nodded her head reassuringly, she would take care of Mr Gu well.

Yan Dong had left, Tang Mo’er stretched out her slender legs and walked beside the bed. She used her gentle fingertips to caress his back, wanting to feel his wounds, but she couldn’t bring up the courage to do so.

He must be in so much pain.

Her tears were unstoppable, Tang Mo’er hurriedly covered her mouth, not allowing herself to make any sound.

“Water… water…”

The dazed man muttered something, he was thirsty and wanted to have some water.

Tang Mo’er hurriedly turned around, wanting to get him some water.

But after taking two steps, she suddenly paused like she had stepped on some brakes, it was silent yet sudden.

She slowly stretched out her tiny hands and waved them around, however, she couldn’t see anything.

She had lost her sight again!

“Water…” His husky voice traveled right in her ears.

Tang Mo’er instantly regained her senses, get some water, she had to pour some water!

With renewed purpose, she ran forward but accidentally knocked into the corner of the chair, instantly falling to the ground.

It hurt!

But she couldn’t care less about her injury, all that was on her mind was to get some water. Her Mr Gu was still waiting to drink some water. Her tiny hands started hovering about in mid-air and she got up blindly, eventually staggering her way to the counter.

She lifted the flask up and started pouring some water in a cup.

Since she couldn’t see what was happening, she accidentally poured some hot water on her narrow wrist and the scalding pain was excruciating, seemingly permeating through all the pain receptors in her brain and causing her to loosen her grip on the cup. Almost.

She bit down on her lower lip, to the point where there was a bloody wound. However much pain she had suffered, she wouldn’t make a sound and she eventually managed to pour the hot water in the cup.

There was still some cold water in the cup, she took a sip and found that the temperature of the water was just right.

She had made her way back to the bedside in her own dark world and she could only afford to take baby steps. She was afraid of falling down, afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand up again, afraid of spilling the water in the cup and not having anyone to take care of Mr Gu.

She was terrified.

Arriving beside the bed, she didn’t know how to feed him the water. She could only take a sip of it and bend down in search of his thin lips.

He lay on the bed and she kissed his thin lips, feeding the mouthful of water to him.

With every mouthful of water she fed him, he soon finished drinking the entire cup of water.

He felt the sweetness of the water even through his drowsiness. He couldn’t help but continue to interlock his tongue with hers, kissing her over and over again.

Kissing him would be the most enjoyable thing for her, but Tang Mo’er felt a mouthful of agony. Her tears had dripped into their mouth, it was tormenting her.

Why was it so hard for him to stay by her side?

Nobody loved him and she was prepared to treat him well and give him all the love he deserved. No matter what, she wouldn’t let go of him and until the end of time, she wanted to stay by his side for the rest of their lives, but she had lost her sight.

She couldn’t see anything.

She couldn’t take care of him, even a simple task of pouring him a cup of water had caused her to suffer injuries all over. No one was as stupid as she was.

The helplessness was about to consume her. Now that she had already lost her vision, what would come next? Would she turn old or lose her mind? If he knew, would he speed things up and marry Lu Qi’er in order to get the antidote?

Even if she was in her most pathetic state, she wasn’t willing to let him go.

I don’t want him to marry Lu Qi’er.

What can I do?

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