Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 323 - Didn’t You Miss Me?

Chapter 323: Didn’t You Miss Me?

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Gu Mohan caressed her tiny face for awhile before retracting his hand. “I’ll take a shower first.”

With that, he strode away and pushed open the bathroom door. In a matter of seconds, the sound of rushing water could be heard.

He was taking a shower.

Tang Mo’er stared into blank space for awhile before she lifted the blanket and got down from the bed, removing his black coat and blazer from the couch and hanging them up, pausing to bring them to her chest first. The clothes were filled with his scent, a healthy and clean masculinity that tugged gently at her heart and soothed her anxious mind.

Her delicate fingertips tugged on the cold and tough fabric and she moved her face closer to it, sniffing the matured yet familiar masculine scent. It made her feel safe and in love again.

No matter where he was, he would provide assurance to everyone, even if everything was at its worst. That was the thing that was so uniquely him.

It had only been a few days since he had gone, and that short period of time felt like a few centuries for her. It would probably be ‘one day apart would be like three seasons had passed’, she mused in her head.

Without warning, her eyes turned red and watery as hot tears stung behind her eyes.

She could hear a deep, magnetic voice coming from the bathroom. “Mo’er, would you bring me the cigarettes and lighter in my blazer pocket.”

Tang Mo’er speedily got herself together and placed her hand inside his blazer pocket, taking the pack of cigarettes and lighter, before hurrying nimbly into the bathroom.

In the bathroom.

The frosted glass door was ajar and he stood under the shower head, having a hot shower.

The steam slowly diffused through the bathroom and it vaguely revealed his masculine back. He was washing his hair and slightly bending down, the tiny water droplets running down his back and onto his sexy torso. Tang Mo’er’s pale face heated into a blush and she walked forward shyly.

“Here you go.” She stretched out her slender arm and opened out her palm, handing the pack of cigarettes and lighter over to him.

Though they had done all kinds of intimate things already, seeing his masculine body like that still made her blush and she was still shy and hesitant.

But even after waiting for a moment, he still didn’t take it from her.

Tang Mo’er lifted her tiny head and looked in his direction, questioning him.

Gu Mohan turned his eyes around, his deep and narrow eyes landing on her tiny face. He raised a corner of his lips, revealing a gentle yet somewhat mischievous smile.

Tang Mo’er’s heart skipped a beat, he was teasing her.

He didn’t need the pack of cigarettes nor the lighter, his only purpose was to trick her into the bathroom.

Tang Mo’er’s face blushed, she turned around and left.

But he was much faster than her, he stretched out his hand and pulled her tiny wrist. Like that, she fell backwards right into his broad and warm embrace.

His sudden move made Tang Mo’er’s black pupils contract, she was still in his arms and she let out a yelp.

“Why are you screaming? I haven’t even done anything to you yet.” Gu Mohan held her in his arms and brought her under the shower head.

This woman made sounds that were like those of a little sheep, it made his Adam’s apple bob.

The warm water continued to rush out of the shower head in gentle streams and drenched her from head to toe, her long, silky hair as well as her negligee was completely soaked.

She lifted her tiny head, looking through the tiny water droplets, at his handsome face and spoke softly, “What are you doing? I’ve already showered.”

“You’ve showered but I haven’t done so, you shall accompany me to shower again.”


Gu Mohan held onto her tiny face and he moved closer, pushing her against the wall with an overbearing attitude and murmured unhappily, “What’s the matter, you’ve given me the cold shoulder ever since I returned. Mo’er, didn’t you miss me?”

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