Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 324 - Just Answer Me, Did You Miss Me?

Chapter 324: Just Answer Me, Did You Miss Me?

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His deep voice rang in her ears, causing her to tremble.

Her line of vision turned dark as he inched closer to her, shadowing her as soft lips suddenly enveloped her ones, pressing against her lips with a decided firmness as his tongue made its way through, interlocking with hers. He continued his exploration into her mouth, letting his tongue dance around, playful and teasing.


Although he went to the Capital for a mere few days, she felt he had left her for a long time. It had been so long since she last had an intimate kiss with him.

His masculine scent had surrounded her and all she wanted to do was to immerse herself in his intimate and forceful kiss. This man showed how much he loved and missed her in such a straightforward manner. He used his muscular body to press against her, his lips pressed onto hers in a kind of wild desperation that allowed her to feel the surging emotions in his body.

Tang Mo’er’s legs turned soft and weak as jelly. Stretching out her fair hands, she grabbed his defined waist to prevent herself from slipping.

At this moment, the man stopped kissing her, his rough fingertips caressed the red print on her right cheek gently.

Although the bright red print had disappeared and her skin was delicate and smooth, her face was retained some redness.

One look and one could tell she had been slapped.

Tang Mo’er opened her eyes slowly and looked at him. Their noses were still perched on each other despite the fact that they had stopped kissing. Their breaths interlocked with one another’s and his narrow eyes cast a stern gaze on to the right side of her face.

“Gu Mohan, I think I’ve gotten into trouble…”

Her eyes started turning red as the tears she had been fighting to hold back, came down her cheeks.

Gu Mohan caressed her delicate face and pucked his sexy lips. “Mm, I know. I’m back already, aren’t I? No matter what trouble you’re in, I’ll help you settle it.”

Did he know about it already?

He rushed back from the Capital, despite his busy schedule?

Just like how a feather would tickle with one’s emotions, she felt a pang in her chest. “Your father and I…”

She did not know what he would think of her and her voice trailed off in hesitation. This man was his father and she had stumbled out of his father’s room in an indecent manner.

What did he think of it all?


His forefinger pressed on her lips, not letting her say anything more.

Gu Mohan grabbed her small waist, pulling her to him again as a tender look passed over his usually-cold facial features. There was a lack of emotion in his eyes as he held onto her and whispered some soothing words to her.

“Let’s not talk about other things. Now tell me, did you miss me? I missed you every moment of the day when I couldn’t see you. I yearned to kiss your cherry lips and hug you close. You’re such a naughty little thing, you didn’t even reply to my text!”

His deep, comforting voice formed a warm glow in her chest and his calmness made the twisted nerves inside her body unclench infinitesimally. And yet, two delicate, little hands reached out and pushed him away.

The man flinched and let out a grunt.

Tang Mo’er was shocked. “Did I accidentally touch your wound? Does your wound still hurt?”

She immediately looked at his wound. It had recovered and now formed a scab.

At this moment, her delicate hands landed into the man’s big palms and grabbed her small ones and pulled them downwards in a seductive manner and muttered, “Mo’er, don’t bother about my injury. My wound doesn’t hurt, but my heart aches for you. I keep thinking about you so much that my heart aches.”


Tang Mo’er was overcome with so much emotion that she teared up again. She stood on her toes and leaned up to kiss him.

She missed him so much.

So, so much.

Tang Mo’er continued her shy exploration into his mouth, letting her tongue dance around, playful and teasing.

“Mo’er, Mo’er…” At this moment, Qi Xi’s voice disrupted their intimate haven.

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