Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 322 - Young Master Gu Has Returned

Chapter 322: Young Master Gu Has Returned

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Yan Dong pulled open the car door, a pair of slick leather shoes landed on the yard.

Gu Mohan had returned.

The maids opened the doors to the Jinhua Palace, and Gu Mohan strode inside with steady footsteps. His black coat fell behind him an imposing manner as the chill only exemplified his cold aura.

“Mr Gu, aren’t you supposed to be back tomorrow? Why are you back tonight?” Mr Meissen rushed forward.

Yan Dong hurriedly blocked Mr Meissen with a quick arm. “Mr Meissen, President is exhausted today. Let’s leave any discussions until tomorrow.”

Mr Meissen lifted his eyes, only to witness Gu Mohan walking up the stairs. His handsome figure attracted everyone’s gaze under the golden chandeliers, exuding a sinfully charismatic aura that placed him beyond the reach of mere mortals.

When one saw his side profile, his jawline was sharp and facial features were perfectly defined.

Very quickly, he disappeared along the corridors.

Mr Meissen shuddered and let out a shaky breath. Even when faced with such an unstable situation, this man had come back in a hurry.

He was covered in frost.

Tang Mo’er was in the bathtub for a long time, she dragged herself onto the bed and allowed her mind to go blank, ignoring everything on hand and to just have good sleep.

The curtains in the room were fully drawn, the atmosphere was relaxing but at the same time, downcast and melancholy. She wasn’t able to sleep comfortably and frowned when she heard some sounds.

Qi Xi exclaimed, her surprise evident, “President Gu, you’re back!”

Bam! Seconds later, the room door was pushed open.

Tang Mo’er instantly opened her eyes and as though she was struck by lightning, she sat up ramrod straight on the bed and riveted her gaze towards the door.

The room door was open and Gu Mohan stood there, as insurmountable and dignified as always.

He wore a black coat and a black suit inside, complemented with trousers that were tailored with a sharp, fitting cut. When he stood against the direction of the lights, all she could see was him.

Gu Mohan had returned.

He had finally returned.

Tang Mo’er’s bright and clear eyes made contact with his deep and narrow eyes, he removed his black leather gloves and handed them to Yan Dong, who stood outside the room. He then walked inside and shut the door with a resounding bang.

Inside the room and outside the room were two vastly different worlds.

Only the two of them existed in this one.

Gu Mohan looked at the woman sitting on the bed listlessly, he walked over and with his large hand, removed his black coat, followed by his blazer. He wore a clean white shirt inside, paired with a blue checkered business vest.

The business vest had fully covered his muscular chest and he wore a gold pin on its pocket, exuding a cold and luxurious countenance.

“Why are you looking at me with a blank expression? You don’t recognize me, hm?” a devilish smirk pulled at the corner of his lips.

Tang Mo’er lowered her eyes, lashes fluttering, not knowing how to reply.

Her throat was dry.

What could she say?

What was he thinking?

Gu Mohan walked beside her, instantly towering over her with his tall build and bending down, looking at her. He stretched out his distinct, large palm and caressed her tiny face.

Her tiny face was in his palm, he ran his rough fingertips over it and raised a corner of his lips. “On my way back, I was thinking about how you would run straight into my arms and give me a passionate kiss, telling me how much you’ve missed me.”

His deep and magnetic voice was soothing and charismatic in her ears, bringing a crimson flush to her cheeks.

With her clear eyes right under his, even looking up into his shadow, they were calm like the endless sea.

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