Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 321 - You’ve Created A Legendary Scandal

Chapter 321: You’ve Created A Legendary Scandal

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In the room.

Tang Mo’er sat on her bed, totally disheveled, her face as pale as a sheet of white paper.

It was utter and complete chaos outside, Jinhua Palace had mobilized all of its security officers, barely keeping the reporters outside. Qi Xi placed a laptop in front of her and spoke with a stern tone, “Mo’er, things are bad now. You ran out of Gu Tianling’s room totally disheveled and scantily clad, some people are even saying practically naked! The reporters have captured it and the video has already been uploaded to the internet.”

“Not only that, didn’t Huo Yanmei slap you not too long ago? She’s adding fuel to the fire and accused you of seducing both Gu Tianling and Gu Mohan. Somehow, the voice recording was leaked and within five minutes, there are already more than 100 million views and everyone’s gone totally ballistic!”

“Mo’er, since you’re suspected of seducing the Gu family’s men, you’ve created a sex scandal with the Capital’s wealthiest family. This scandal has made its way through Karghalik in an unprecedented speed and… I hate to break it to you like this, but your image is going to be completely ruined.”

Tang Mo’er’s limbs were cold and she cringed and curled up into a fetal position. She should have known that this was a carefully planned setup. Someone had been planning everything in the dark and torn her reputation to shreds.

With the voice recording and video, she would never be cleared of the accusation of seducing Gu Tianling. Not forgetting Gu Mohan’s existence, the public were out to crucify her for being so shameless as to seduce the Gu family’s men.

Her Weibo feed was flooded with negative comments and flames, with countless netizens and keyboard warriors lashing out at her aggressively online via forums and message boards.

There was no way for her to escape.

She was finished.

‘Please don’t misunderstand everything, Mo’er ran out of Gu Tianling’s room wearing only a negligee with thin straps after she was discussing with him about the script.’

‘Tang Mo’er sure is formidable. Gu Mohan is engaged to Lu Qi’er and after making a scene at their ceremony and failing to get him back, she’s totally turned to seducing his father instead. Someone’s keen to create their own soap opera.’

‘Tang Mo’er, you’ve just had sex with Gu Mohan’s father, let’s have a discussion about who is better in bed?’

‘Tang Mo’er, I only have one request for you, please let Young Master Gu off? You’re totally tarnishing my Prince Charming.’

Qi Xi noticed that Tang Mo’er’s face went pale and she was really worried, “Mo’er, we still have one last chance to offer our explanation regarding this incident. You should try to recall everything. Why did you enter Gu Tianling’s room, did someone force you to do it?”

Tang Mo’er lowered her long eyelashes and didn’t know how to respond. What could she say? That she was probably drugged and somehow made her way to Gu Tianling’s room?

It sounded pathetic, even to her own ears.

She didn’t have any concrete evidence to prove anything and there was no way anyone would believe her words.

“Qi Xi, I’m exhausted, let’s talk tomorrow. I’ll go have a shower first.”

Tang Mo’er entered the bathroom in a daze.

The bathtub was finally filled with hot water and Tang Mo’er removed her negligee and threw it in the bin. It felt dirty. She felt dirty. Stepping into the bathtub, she submerged her entire body into the hot water.

Even though Gu Tianling didn’t touch her body, she still made sure to scrub her body thoroughly. The thought of being close to him made her feel filthy and disgusted.

Holding herself with her two slender arms, her mind was blank and the focus in her eyes was gone. She was certain that the outside world was chaotic.

The cyber bullying would only escalate and snowball even further, eventually falling on her and she would have to face the music.

She didn’t have any evidence to prove her innocence.

What mattered more was Gu Mohan.

What would happen to her and Gu Mohan?

She wouldn’t be able to get rid of the label of her seducing Gu Tianling. If… Even if he chose to stay together with her, that would probably be one tarnishing point in his life.

The Capital’s leading conglomerate, he was refined and sophisticated. Gu Mohan had always led a life free of scandals and she would be the only taint in his perfect life.

The night approached and the entire Jinhua Palace was enshrouded in darkness, but the lights were lit up. Mr Meissen, who was already in his pajamas, rushed downstairs when a luxurious Rolls-Royce burst through the gates.

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