Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 320 - Let Go Of Me, I’m Your Son’s Woman!

Chapter 320: Let Go Of Me, I’m Your Son’s Woman!

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“Miss Tang, quickly come in.” Butler Ye turned around and invited Tang Mo’er in.

Tang Mo’er stretched out her long legs and entered the room.

“Miss Tang, Old Master is currently showering. He’ll be out soon.”

The moment he said that, the bathroom door opened, and Gu Tianling walked out. He was clad in his pajamas.

Gu Tianling looked at her delicate, feminine body. She was wearing a silky nightdress, the spaghetti straps falling upon her sleek shoulders. Her chest rose up and down, her hips curved and her waist was tiny. Her perfect figure gave suffocated him, causing his heart and mind to race.

“Tang Mo’er, why are you here?”

Tang Mo’er turned towards the direction of the voice. It was Gu Tianling.

Butler Ye immediately let out a chuckle, “Old Master, Tang Mo’er must have understood and thought through what you said and decided to be with you, or she wouldn’t come to your room at night to… offer herself.”

Offer herself.

Those words seemed to trigger Gu Tianling. As he looked at Tang Mo’er’s delicate face, it resembled Lin Xuanji’s face perfectly.

Looking at Tang Mo’er’s distant gaze made Gu Tianling start to feel an awakening desire down below. He shifted his glance to Butler Ye and signaled for him to leave.

In the room.

Tang Mo’er and Gu Tianling were left in the silent room. Tang Mo’er was still in a daze and didn’t seem to be herself.

Gu Tianling let out a chuckle, “Tang Mo’er, you rejected me previously. What made you think it through? I can give you whatever my son or Huo Beichen can give you.”

As Gu Tianling said that, he sat at the edge of the bed. Patting his thighs, he signaled to her, his voice deep and throaty, “Come over and sit on my thigh.”

Tang Mo’er stood there and did not move.

Gu Tianling’s face turned glum, “Tang Mo’er, since you’re already in my room, why are you still pretending to be a chaste and virtuous woman?”

Gu Tianling nudged her forcefully, causing Tang Mo’er to fall into the plush sheets.

The sudden sense of weightlessness struck Tang Mo’er as her body responded in shock. Her chaotic mind regained consciousness as she tried to get back her focus. When she saw Gu Tianling, her mouth was agape in shock.

Why is Gu Tianling here?

Or rather, why am I here?

“Gu Tianling, what are you trying to do? Don’t touch me! If you dare to touch me I’ll sue you!”

Tang Mo’er scurried away from the bed as her eyes moved about observing the surroundings rapidly.

This wasn’t her room.

It seemed that this room belonged to Gu Tianling. Even being in a room which was his, and touching his things made her feel disgusted.

She had no time to think about what had happened as it only made her head hurt. She was very sure she had fallen for his trap. How did she even come into this room in the first place?

Someone was out there to harm her!

“Tang Mo’er, that’s enough. You think your acting skills are so superb?” Gu Tianling pressed his body down onto her, grabbed her hands and started to pull down the straps of her silken nightdress.

Tang Mo’er put up a struggle. Not wanting him to touch her, she hollered, “Gu Tianling, you’re crazy! Let go of me! I’m your son’s woman.”

“Tang Mo’er, stop screaming. You miss my son so much? Wait till I give you my special treatment, I might make you his stepmother.”

“You’re a beast!” Tang Mo’er shrieked angrily.

As the woman had put up a fierce struggle, Gu Tianling knew he would gain no advantage. Slap! He raised his hands and slapped her face.

Tang Mo’er’s face had been hit so badly that she was bleeding at the corner of her mouth. She started feeling dizzy.

Though she was winded with her face stinging from the pain, she took the chance to escape from Gu Tianling and pulled open the door to run away.

The moment she ran out, an onslaught of camera flashlights almost blinded her. There was a big crowd of reporters waiting outside the room.

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