Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 319 - She Went into Gu Tianling’s Room in the Middle of the Night

Chapter 319: She Went into Gu Tianling’s Room in the Middle of the Night

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Looking at the shock on Han Xiaowan’s face, Tang Mo’er felt good about it. “Mr Su, I’ll leave you to catch up with Han Xiaowan. I’ll be leaving first.”

Tang Mo’er stretched her legs and left.

Han Xiaowan looked at Su Zhe’s face in adoration as she walked to him. “Su Zhe, I…”

Su Zhe stared at Han Xiaowan coldly, “You don’t need to say anything more because I don’t feel like listening to what you have to say.”

Turning around, Su Zhe left.

Han Xiaowan remained frozen in her original spot, his words were like knives piercing through her heart. While she had a motive for getting close to Su Zhe, he was after all, the first man she had been intimate with. She had even given birth to his child. Now that he was so vicious to her, she felt a deep resentment gnawing at her from within.

At this moment, footsteps could be heard. Who was it now?

Han Xiaowan turned around to see Lu Qi’er.

Han Xiaowan had never interacted with Lu Qi’er. It was natural that someone as wealthy as Lu Qi’er would look down on her, so her sudden appearance took Han Xiaowan by surprise. “Are you looking for me?”

Lu Qi’er smiled elegantly, “Miss Han, it seems we have a common enemy in Tang Mo’er. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. What do you think of joining forces with me?”

“Joining forces? How? Do you have a plan?”

Han Xiaowan did not dare to act rashly. For now, she could still rely on Mr Meissen. However, Mr Meissen was not stupid. He had already warned her last night not to cause any more trouble for him.

“Yes, I have a plan and it is foolproof. This will lead to a scandal involving the wealthy and influential Gu family. Tang Mo’er will be the female lead in the scandal. She’s dead meat.”

In the room.

Ding! Tang Mo’er’s phone rang, signalling an unread text message.

She opened the text —” I’ll return tomorrow.”

It was a message from Gu Mohan.

So he was going to arrive at Jinhua Palace tomorrow.

Tang Mo’er lay on the soft bed and hugged a large pillow. She missed him so badly all of a sudden. This was the first time he had separated from her for so long ever since they had first met.

He had gone to the Capital to settle his work matters. She did not ask him about it, however, seeing that it was an abrupt trip, she knew it had to be something important.

As she lay on the bed and pouted her supple lips, she tapped on her screen and typed —’Lu Qi’er and you…’

She deleted the message even before completing what she wanted to type. She wanted to ask him if he and Lu Qi’er had sex on their wedding night. This question had been bugging her the entire time and she needed an answer. She wanted some kind of closure.

But… would it give her the closure she wanted?

She knew that he was busy in the Capital and thus chose to wait for him to return before asking him.

Instead, she typed — ‘I miss you…’

How intimate.

Tang Mo’er’s face turned red from embarrassment. She gritted her teeth and deleted the message. In the end, she did not reply to him with anything.

She had so much to say she did not know where to begin.

After staring into space for a while, she went into the bathroom for a shower.

After ten minutes, she stepped out of the bathroom wearing a silky nightgown, a dry towel in her hands that she was using to dry her wet hair. At this moment, she smelled a weird scent. It was only very faint, but it hadn’t been there earlier.

What was that smell?

Tang Mo’er’s black pupils lost colour and turned numb. Without any sense or reason, she straightened up and moved towards the door, pulling it open like a mindless puppet on strings.

There was someone walking along the corridor. It looked as though she had been ordered to come to this particular room. Raising a listless hand, she pressed her fingers against the doorbell.

Ding dong.

“Who is it?”

The door opened, and Butler Ye stood at the entrance.

Seeing Tang Mo’er at the door, Butler Ye seemed pleased. For Tang Mo’er to come to Gu Tianling’s room in the middle of the night, her intentions were clear.

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