Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 318 - Su Zhe Wanted Sexual Favors from You?

Chapter 318: Su Zhe Wanted Sexual Favors from You?

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They were at the Jinhua Palace. As it was Mr Meissen’s turf, it was close to impossible for her to find any more evidence. The entire situation was crystal clear to her, Mr Meissen was protecting Han Xiaowan.

How ludicrous.

Tang Mo’er lifted her head and fixed her gaze on Han Xiaowan. Han Xiaowan was standing closely to Mr Meissen like a pampered child, revealing a pleased, yet provocative expression on her face. Since she had Mr Meissen’s backing, she was clearly becoming more daring in her behavior.

In order to prevent Tang Mo’er from revealing anything else, Mr Meissen instantly announced, “Alright, let’s leave the investigations here. I’ll hand the waiter over to the police and he shall receive the punishment he deserves.”

After having lunch, Tang Mo’er and Qi Xi walked along the corridor, returning to their room.

Qi Xi complained indignantly, “Mo’er, Han Xiaowan must have did everything she could to satisfy Mr Meissen in bed last night. That slut seems to be able to manipulate Mr Meissen and influence his decisions, he is even willing to protect Han Xiaowan using all of his means. This goes to show that he is definitely infatuated with her. Now that we’re in Jinhua Palace, things are not in our favor since those who are trying to harm us are hidden away and protected.”

It was known that Han Xiaowan was ruined and could no longer continue with her career in the entertainment industry. However, she had somehow made use of her beauty to seduce Mr Meissen instead.

Tang Mo’er considered Qi Xi’s words and replied, “There’s actually a way for us to get rid of Han Xiaowan. However…”

“However what?” Qi Xi asked curiously.

Footsteps could be heard. Speak of the devil…

Han Xiaowan wore a luxurious long dress and her beautiful face was glowing. She was followed by two helpers and she behaved exactly like she was the Madam of Jinhua Palace.

“Leave us.” Han Xiaowan waved her hand to dismiss the helpers.


Tang Mo’er turned around to look at Qi Xi. “Qi Xi, you should return to our room first.”


With that, Qi Xi left the two women alone.

Tang Mo’er walked in front and stood beside Han Xiaowan, raising a corner of her red lips and looking at her from head to toe. “Han Xiaowan, admittedly, I’ve underestimated your prowess. You must have exhausted all your energy, pleasing someone in bed last night, hm?”

“Tang Mo’er, what are you insinuating? I’ve depended on my own capabilities to earn a living. Is it my fault that Mr Meissen is in love with me? Even if I am the culprit behind the drugging incident, so what? What exactly can you do to me?” Han Xiaowan gloated.

Tang Mo’er hissed, “Han Xiaowan, you’re not afraid that I’ll expose your past with Su Zhe to Mr Meissen? You were Su Zhe’s woman and even suffered a miscarriage for him. Would Mr Meissen be so gracious to not mind your dark past?”

“Tang Mo’er, Mr Meissen is indeed a gracious man. You’re too naive to think that I’d leave my dirty laundry around for you to threaten me with. Last night, I already confessed everything to Mr Meissen when we were together in bed. Do you know what I said? I told him that Su Zhe is the big boss in the entertainment industry and he wanted sexual favors from me.”

“I didn’t have any choice and I could only succumb to his threats in order to survive. If that wasn’t bad enough, I even suffered a miscarriage during that period of time. Mr Meissen feels extremely bad for me after hearing what happened to me.”

“What a shame, Tang Mo’er, your threats have no effect on me.”

Tang Mo’er gave Han Xiaowan a few more glances, she didn’t anticipate Han Xiaowan to have become more intelligent in the time they hadn’t seen each other.

“Su Zhe wanted sexual favors from you?” Tang Mo’er chuckled and lifted her eyes to look at the figure standing behind Han Xiaowan. “Mr Su, is Han Xiaowan telling the truth for once?”

Han Xiaowan was stunned, she spun around to see Su Zhe standing behind her. She… she hadn’t known he was there!

Su Zhe had been standing there for a long time and he had overheard their entire conversation.

Han Xiaowan’s face darkened, she knew it, Tang Mo’er had done it on purpose!

Han Xiaowan simply wasn’t able to forget Su Zhe and had a gaping hole in her heart since he left her. Now that her shameless and devious behavior was blatantly exposed in front of Su Zhe and from her own lips… she felt as though she was slapped on the face forcefully numerous times.

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