Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 317 - Don’t You Think It Reflects Badly on You?

Chapter 317: Don’t You Think It Reflects Badly on You?

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Promiscuous woman?

Tang Mo’er was aware that she was the promiscuous woman Gu Tianling was referring to. The arrogant man had done it on purpose to humiliate her.

Tang Mo’er straightened her back and lifted her chin, raising a corner of her lip as she smirked.

Huo Beichen instantly raised his brow, he was aware what Gu Tianling was insinuating.

His cold gaze landed on Tang Mo’er, looking at her from head to toe, speaking arrogantly. “Tang Mo’er, why are you still here? You’re not worthy to listen in on our conversation. Why don’t you get back to your room?”

Tang Mo’er didn’t want to stay there for even a moment, so she turned on her heel and left immediately.

After making sure that Tang Mo’er had left the room, Huo Beichen looked at Gu Tianling, clearly displeased. “Uncle, why did you call Tang Mo’er a promiscuous woman? She isn’t.”

Gu Mohan snorted in contempt. “She’s just a celebrity who is riding around because of her beautiful face. Not promiscuous? Not only did she seduce Mohan, now I find her hugging you. And you’re saying she isn’t promiscuous?”

Huo Beichen’s handsome face darkened. He was known as the dictator of Karghalik and other than Gu Mohan, he wasn’t afraid of anyone else, even if it was his uncle. “Uncle, I’ve always thought of you as a cultured and sophisticated senior. Now that you’re being mean and sarcastic, humiliating a woman with no means to fight back, don’t you think that it reflects badly on you?”


Huo Beichen instantly turned around and entered his room, leaving the older man to seethe by himself.

Gu Tianling was agitated, clenching both fists by his side. Huo Beichen had spoken down to him, despite his seniority, making him lose his dignity and pride. What made it worse was that Tang Mo’er was merely a celebrity, but she was able to seduce both Mohan and Beichen. It was no wonder she had rejected his advances.

At this moment, Butler Ye walked forward, fanning the fire. “Master, I’ve noticed that Young Master Huo has been seduced by Tang Mo’er to the point where he is head over heels for her. Also, regarding our Young Master, I’ve investigated everything. On the night of Young Master’s engagement, he stayed over at Tang Mo’er’s place.”

Gu Tianling’s gaze became sinister and his eyes seemed to glint in maliciousness. Tang Mo’er was a promiscuous gold digger in his eyes and yet she had rejected him with no regard for his standing.

He had to have her.

Gu Tianling wasn’t aware that someone was looking at him as he stood in silent contemplation. Lu Qi’er hid in a secluded corner, witnessing the entire scene and her lips twisted into a creepy smile.

In the afternoon, at the dining room .

Mr Meissen held Han Xiaowan’s hand and announced, “Everyone, the drugged lime tea incident has been thoroughly investigated. The waiter was behind the whole incident and no one else was involved.”

Tang Mo’er snorted, “Mr Meissen, did you not investigate it well enough, or are you trying to protect someone? Anyone with a clear head can see that the waiter did it under Han Xiaowan’s orders.”

Mr Meissen’s eyes seemed to pierce into the waiter in question and he leapt to the ground, kneeling down immediately. “N-No, no one else instigated this incident. I did everything myself…”

“Oh? Then what’s your reasoning behind it? Why did you drug my lime tea?” Tang Mo’er asked bluntly.

The waiter looked at Tang Mo’er helplessly. “I-I was overcome by my desires because Miss Tang is too beautiful, and so I… I…”

What a bullshit explanation!

“Miss Tang, now you’ve heard it. The waiter was obsessed over your beauty and so he drugged the lime tea. If Miss Tang is adamant about accusing Wanwan, then please consider your words first. Miss Tang, please bring out your evidence, or it may count against you as slander.” Mr Meissen spoke out, making his stance clear to everyone.

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