Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 316 - Gu Tianling Has Arrived

Chapter 316: Gu Tianling Has Arrived

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Looking at the tightly shut door, Huo Beichen placed both hands in his trouser pockets and squinted his charming eyes in an arrogant manner. “Tang Mo’er, you should concede your defeat. Lin Shiyu was tormented by Brother Qinglun till she couldn’t get down from the bed. Come on, it’s time to fulfill your promise.”


Tang Mo’er turned her head around, a picture of innocence as she tilted her head to look at Huo Beichen with her clear and bright eyes. “What promise?”

“You’re playing dumb now?” Huo Beichen growled as he let out a dark aura, bending down and pointing at his own lips. “Kiss me.”

They had made a bet last night. If she were to lose, then she would have to kiss Huo Beichen.

Shiyu wasn’t able to get down the bed today and so… she lost the bet.

Tang Mo’er looked at Huo Beichen in front of her, pointing at his own lips. She didn’t anticipate that he would shamelessly demand a kiss on the lips.

The man was crazy.

Huo Beichen’s lips were slightly pinkish, as if he had applied pink-colored lip gloss.

Did she really have to kiss him?

Tang Mo’er tiptoed and moved closer towards him.

As she moved closer, a hint of her maidenly scent drifted into his nose and Huo Beichen’s pupils dilated as a strange feeling possessed him. All he wanted to do was to push her against the wall and kiss her.

If only she wasn’t his Second Brother’s woman.

If she wasn’t, he would be able to sleep with her too.

Huo Beichen was disgruntled by himself. Did he have these thoughts all along?

Tang Mo’er was about to approach his lips but she suddenly paused.

“Tang Mo’er, what are you scheming now?”

Tang Mo’er laughed, “Young Master Huo, I concede my defeat and I’ll definitely kiss you. However, I didn’t promise an exact date, right? Why don’t you head back first. I’ll pick an auspicious date to kiss you on that day.”


Tang Mo’er then turned around and left.

Huo Beichen’s face darkened and he gritted his teeth, he didn’t anticipate that she would play such tricks.

In fact, she duped him!

“Tang Mo’er, stand right there!” Huo Beichen grabbed onto her tiny wrist and forcibly pulled her over, Tang Mo’er landed right in his arms.

Caught off guard, Tang Mo’er fell into his arms. Other than Gu Mohan, she hadn’t been so close to another man and she struggled, trying to push him away. “Young Master Huo, what are you trying to do? Let go of me!”

Huo Beichen was initially enraged, but now that she was moving around in his arms like an Enhydris, he found himself getting even more stimulated. “Tang Mo’er, I’m warning you now, stop moving around so recklessly!”

Tang Mo’er stopped, stunned, she wasn’t an innocent woman anymore. Every since she got together with Gu Mohan, she was more familiar with the changes in a man’s body.

Something… hard was starting to press against her flat tummy.

“Huo Beichen, you shameless jerk!”

Tang Mo’er’s face was red while she scolded him furiously.

Huo Beichen knew that he had an erection and he pursed his lips. He didn’t think he would be so helpless when he faced Tang Mo’er.

With just a small nuzzle, he had an erection.

What the hell was wrong with him?

A deep voice was heard, “What are you two doing?”

Tang Mo’er turned her head. Gu Tianling had arrived.

Gu Tianling was also at Jinhua Palace now.

Seeing the man, Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face instantly became emotionless and she pushed Huo Beichen away forcefully.

Huo Beichen looked at Gu Tianling. “Uncle, why are you here?”

Gu Tianling strode forward, he didn’t answer the question but told Huo Beichen off. “Beichen, I’ve just received some news. The second daughter of the Jun family has already arrived in Karghalik. As she is now your prospective wife, why are you still hanging around such a promiscuous woman?”

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