Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 315 - Tang Mo’er, I’ve Won

Chapter 315: Tang Mo’er, I’ve Won

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The way he spoke was stern and Lin Shiyu could see his entire face darkening when she lifted her head to look at him.

Once she complained about the pain, his face had turned totally black like a thundercloud.

“Mmm, my stomach hurts.”

Fu Qinglun retracted his hand. “I’ll call for a doctor…”

“Fu Qinglun!”

Fu Qinglun turned back, only to see her fingers clinging onto his pajamas. “There’s no need for a doctor, it’s my period.”

She had her period?

Fu Qinglun lifted up the silk blanket, his gaze landing between her thighs.

She quickly closed her thighs, but fresh blood was still dripping down, a startling red against her fair legs.

Fu Qinglun’s pupils contracted, feeling some discomfort in his throat. All he could think of was the scene 15 years ago, a scene with bright red blood dripping down the little girl’s thighs.

“I’ve prepared some sanitary pads in my suitcase. Take one out and bring it over. I also need a clean pair of underwear, ” Lin Shiyu instructed him listlessly.

A layer of cold sweat seemed to cling to her forehead. She had never experienced such excruciating pain during her monthly cycle before and it was making her lose all of her energy. Adding on the fact that she was tormented throughout the night by him, she wasn’t even able to muster up the energy to get down from the bed to clean herself.

Humans are the weakest when they are sick.

Fu Qinglun speedily pulled himself together, opening her suitcase and he found the pack of sanitary pads. “What should I do next?”

He was a man who had no experience in taking care of a woman. Especially during a time like this.

“Pass it to me.” Lin Shiyu stretched out her tiny hand.

Fu Qinglun handed the underwear and sanitary pad to her.

Lin Shiyu lay on the bed with her face all pale, sticking the sanitary pad on the underwear.

She felt something moist between her thighs, Fu Qinglun had gotten a warm towel from the bathroom and was cleaning her up.

If she was being honest with herself, it… surprised her. She didn’t have any experience with men taking care of her, and so she bit down on her lower lip with her white teeth, burying her tiny face in the pillow. “That’s enough, you don’t need to wipe anymore.”

Fu Qinglun placed the towel in the basin, putting the clean pair of underwear on for her.

“I’ll stay here tonight, you should get some sleep.”

He pulled up the silk blanket, tucking her in and covering her smooth skin that was exposed outside.

Lin Shiyu was like a withered daylily, shutting her eyes helplessly.

In the room.

In a matter of minutes, she fell asleep and her light breathing could be heard.

Ding dong.

Fu Qinglun walked over to open the door, only to see Tang Mo’er and Huo Beichen outside.

“Young Master Fu, Shiyuー”

Tang Mo’er wasn’t done speaking but she could already see Fu Qinglun frowning in displeasure. He placed his finger in front of his lips, making a ‘Shh’ signal.

“Shiyu is asleep.”

Tang Mo’er was at a loss for words.

Huo Beichen speedily raised his brows. “Tang Mo’er, looks like I won.”


Tang Mo’er looked past his shoulders, trying to peek inside the room, but she couldn’t see anything. Fu Qinglun stood in front of her, blocking her view into the room like a possessive gatekeeper, not allowing her to see anything at all.

This man was such a jealous person.

“Young Master Fu, is Shiyu… fine?”

Fu Qinglun’s face darkened, revealing a complicated expression. Lin Shiyu had her period and he wasn’t willing to divulge this kind of information, even if it was to Tang Mo’er.

Huo Beichen felt that Tang Mo’er was talking crap, so he instantly piped up, “Brother Qinglun, what would the two of you like for breakfast? I’ll get the staff to send some food up.”

“There’s no need.” Fu Qinglun shut the room door and changed the status to ‘Do not disturb’.

Tang Mo’er stood outside, completely speechless.

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