Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 314 - You're Throwing A Tantrum Because of This?

Chapter 314: You’re Throwing A Tantrum Because of This?

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Lin Shiyu looked at the handsome face in front of her eyes, “Young Master Fu, be honest with me. For the past three years that I’ve been away in Singapore, did you spend all your nights alone while practicing abstinence?”

Fu Qinglun stiffened unconsciously.

Lin Shiyu’s suspicions were logical. Last night, he had behaved like a ravenous beast who hadn’t eaten in years. She didn’t take note of the number of times but it wasn’t until dawn that he finally stopped and fell asleep while holding her in his arms.

Noticing that she was examining him closely, Fu Qinglun’s facial muscles tensed up and he held the back of her head, pressing her deeper into his embrace. “Stop talking and go back to sleep.”

It seems like he really didn’t find any other women for the past three years.

According to Madam Fu’s words, he didn’t engage any maid to serve him in bed either. That would mean that he lost his virginity at 25 years old?

He was already 27 years old and other than their wedding night three years ago and the ten minute session in the Fu family’s bathroom, this was only his third time?

Fu Qinglun, the man who held absolute control over Karghalik, he only had three times of sex in his entire 27 years of life.

Tsk tsk, Young Master Fu sure was loyal.

Moreover, he seemed to have a big obsession with kissing her.

Lin Shiyu suddenly felt as though she was mentoring an innocent man.

Impossible… He had lost his virginity to her three years ago?

Under the silk blanket, they both wore thin, silky pajamas and he held her tightly in his arms. Her delicate body was settled on his broad chest and their position was rather ambiguous, and also somewhat… heartwarming.

It was as though he was hugging his own wife and sleeping.

Though legally, she was indeed his wife.

“Young Master Fu, how long are you planning to hold me in your arms and continue sleeping?” Her voice was cold and unhappy.

Fu Qinglun quickly opened his eyes, her gaze was on him and she seemed to be mocking him.

He paused for a moment, he couldn’t continue to be so shameless to continue to hold her, especially when she was casting him with such an unhappy look.

Retracting his arm, he released her and lifted the blanket, getting off the bed.

He was still angry inside as he hadn’t had enough of her delicate body and was still sleep-deprived. He wanted more. Not only that, now that he was chased off the bed, he stretched out his leg to kick over the chair beside him.

“Young Master Fu, you’re throwing such a big tantrum just because I didn’t allow you to continue hugging me while you slept?”

Fu Qinglun snorted, stalking into the bathroom.

Was he serious? He was acting spoiled while walking away, so Lin Shiyu moved and wanted to get up too.

But she instantly fell right back onto the soft mattress, holding onto her abdomen with her tiny hands, curled up from the pain.

Her abdomen was hurting.

She felt as though her belly was being tugged downwards and twisting this way and that and soon, her forehead was covered by a layer of sweat.

Right after, she felt a warm liquid gush down from below.

Was it her period?

According to her calculations, it must be her period. She had even prepared sanitary pads for her trip to Jinhua Palace before she came.

However, she had never experienced such pain in the past, why did it hurt so much this time?

“F-Fu Qinglun…” She called for him softly. Even speaking was hurting a lot.

Fu Qinglun came out of the bathroom quickly, he held a toothbrush in his hands while looking at her, his face dark and gloomy. “You’re calling for me?”

Lin Shiyu’s beautiful face was drawn and pale and a few beads of sweat dripped down her face. Her usual coldness was gone and she looked at him in a pained manner, clutching her middle as she looked at him pitifully. “Fu Qinglun, it hurts.”

Fu Qinglun instantly realized that something was wrong with her. Rushing to her side, one corner of the bed sunk as he knelt down on one knee. “What’s wrong?”

He lifted the blanket up and held her hand, pressing gently on her stomach. “Does it hurt here? Say something.”

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