Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 313 - The Furthest Distance

Chapter 313: The Furthest Distance

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Her obedient ways made it hard for one to not feel bad for her.

Lu Yan turned his head around and avoided her kiss.

An’an’s kiss landed on the side of his face, after pausing for a moment, she cradled his neck and started to kiss his cheek.

Every part of his body was stiff, exuding the charms of a mature man and making one feel infatuated with him.

Lu Yan’s breathing became heavier, his muscular chest was pumping up and down. What could he do with her? He had just pushed her away and it didn’t take her too long to cling onto him again. She stuck closely to him and seduced him like a relentless siren.

He grabbed her delicate shoulder with his large hand and easily turned her around, pushing her against the wall. Grabbing a towel, he used it to tie her hands together against the railing.

It was hard to move.

“Ah Yan, what are you doing?” An’an’s hands were tied together and she couldn’t move around, she tried to struggle but it was useless.

She heard the sound of pants unzipping and some weird noises…

An’an’s pupils contracted. He would rather use his hands than to touch her…

As the feeling of helplessness escalated, An’an slowly raised a corner of her lotus-like, pinkish lips and felt a bitterness in her heart.

Almost 20 minutes later, Lu Yan hurriedly finished up and pulled his pants up with one hand, while the other was occupied with undoing the towel that was used to tie her up. He walked away without uttering a word.

An’an’s frail body slid down and she huddled on the ground, her slender arms hugging herself and burying her face in them.

Why? Why was she so close, yet so far away from him?

The next morning.

When the morning rays filtered through the curtains and lit up the room, Lin Shiyu woke up, with her mind in a groggy state of confusion. As she opened her eyes slowly, her long eyelashes fluttered and it took her some time to get herself together and recover the focus in her eyes.

At that moment, she was sleeping in someone’s arms.

Fu Qinglun’s muscular arm was draped across her shoulders, providing a headrest while his other arm was around her waist, keeping her close to him. Even in his sleep, his manner was domineering.

Lifting her head slightly to look at him, his handsome face was right in front of her eyes and his fringe had covered his cold eyes. Fu Qinglun had just the right amount of youthfulness that a 27 year old man should possess, his handsome looks were just perfect, even in the morning.

She moved, wanting to get out of his arms.

But she couldn’t gather any strength to do so.

After being tormented by this man for a very long time last night, she had only fallen asleep before the crack of dawn.

As soon as she moved, Fu Qinglun instantly shifted and held her tighter, awoken from his sleep.

He opened his eyes in a languid manner, he had just woken up and saw her grimacing while she was in her arms. Was she hurting?

“Where does it hurt?”

He had the audacity to ask?

Lin Shiyu lifted her eyes, glaring at him balefully, “Where do you think?”

Fu Qinglun lightly raised a corner of his lips. “I should have filmed you while you were begging for mercy under me last night.”

“Yes, I already begged for mercy last night, yet you were the one who pressed me down and continued to pester me nonstop. I should have filmed it and let you to take a good look at your behavior.”

Last night, she knew that she wasn’t able to shun him and so she was astute enough to know to choose her battles when he approached her again.

But she didn’t anticipate this man to be so shameless, pressing her down and demanding for more, time after time.

It was never ending.

Fu Qinglun frowned, hugging her narrow waist even more tightly in his embrace, “I did ask you to beg for mercy, but I didn’t promise to let you off. The more you beg, the more I want to… have sex with you.”

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