Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 312 - Shall I Give Birth to Your Daughter?

Chapter 312: Shall I Give Birth to Your Daughter?

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Noticing that she was slipping, Lu Yan speedily held onto her tiny waist, making sure she didn’t fall.

At the same time, he regained his senses.

Opening his eyes, his brown eyes were fixated on the youthful face in front of him. Her pale face was flushed with redness like a lotus bud in the pond that was ready to bloom.

An’an’s eyes were still closed, their kiss ended abruptly and his lips weren’t appearing again despite her patience and so she slowly opened her eyes.

Sticking out her hands to caress his cold, defined facial features, she asked, “Ah Yan, what’s the matter?”

Ah Yan.

She called him Ah Yan.

Uncle Jin usually called him Ah Yan, though he wasn’t his biological father, he did a better job at raising him and Lu Yan held great respect for him. If it wasn’t for Uncle Jin, he would have probably died of hunger among the streets.

It was Uncle Jin who had brought him back to the Lu family, funding his education and literacy. Uncle Jin had planned for him to learn business management so that he could become the successor to his business empire, but he just wasn’t suited for it. He had a brash personality and wasn’t interested in his studies, he couldn’t be a refined businessman and so he entered society at 16 years old and was led astray, taking over others’ piers.

Uncle Jin was more like a friend than a father, not pressuring him or expecting anything from him in return. He wasn’t an unfaithful person either, he knew that he owed the Lu family.

That was why even though he knew that Lu Qi’er was a hopeless case, he would still help her to fight for anything she wanted. He had to acknowledge the fact that she was the beloved daughter of the Lu family.

This girl called him Ah Yan too.

Lu Yan’s clothing were fully wet from the hot water dripping on him, his perfectly tanned skin and eight pack was exposed as he gave her a warning look. “You’re not allowed to address me like that again.”

Looking at his cold expression, An’an’s blush slowly subsided, revealing the paleness and she glared at him stubbornly, “Then how should I address you?”

“You may address me as Uncle, or maybe… when I first brought you back, I raised you as my daughter.”


An’an smirked, mocking him, “Ah Yan, how dare you call me your… daughter. You’re able to get hard when you look at your daughter?”

Lu Yan frowned.

An’an hugged him, caressing his entire face sensually, her gaze filled with both anguish and love. “Ah Yan, shall I give birth to your daughter?”

Shall I give birth to your daughter?

Lu Yan’s tall and strong build instantly jolted and he looked at An’an, giving her a chilly stare. “You can never say that again. If I happen to hear you say that again, I’ll immediately send you back to the Gu family.”

Send her back to the Gu family?

An’an’s eyes reddened and the telltale sting of hidden tears when she looked at him made her feel like crying.

Lu Yan realized that he was too harsh with his words when he saw her teary eyes. In the 13 years he had taken care of her, he never had any memories of her crying. Though she was tortured by leukemia since she was young and even with the long hours spent at the hospitals receiving chemotherapy, an uncountable number of injections and suffering hair loss, she had never cried.

But right after he spoke those callous words, she looked at him as she struggled to hold back her tears, and Lu Yan felt his heart wrench in pain.

He couldn’t figure out why he had decided to bring her back and raise her. He should have spent his entire life alone.

By being alone, he would have been carefree and not have to care about anything else. That would have been great.

“Ah Yan, please don’t be angry, please don’t send me away. I won’t dare to do it again.” An’an sniffled her red nose and moved closer to him, wanting to kiss him with her beautiful lips.

The purpose of her kiss was unclear, whether it was to try and comfort him or to seek solace for herself.

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