Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 311 - That’s Why You Hurt Yourself?

Chapter 311: That’s Why You Hurt Yourself?

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Lu Yan walked inside the room with his heavy footsteps, his brown eyes scanning around the room quickly. No one was in the room.


He heard the sound of water dripping in the bathroom and hurriedly rushed into the bathroom.

The frosted glass door was open and the steam resulting from the hot water rushed out, accompanied with a sweet aromatic scent. Lu Yan rushed in front of the frosted glass door and stopped.

“Master Yan, what exactly happened, who’s screaming?” Qingqing had followed behind him and nearly crashed into him.

Seeing he had paused, seemingly frozen, Qingqing looked behind the frosted glass door, seeing a figure sitting on the white ceramic tiles. Her silky hair was wet and draped down, like a newborn with silky satin skin.

Though she was also a woman, Qingqing gasped when she saw An’an.

“Master Yan, thisー”

A fierce glance landed on her and Qingqing shuddered and her lips clamped shut.

Lu Yan was glaring at her and his usual indifference was gone, his brown eyes exuded a dangerous, cold gaze as he gave her a deadly stare.

Qingqing stuttered, “Master… Master Yan, I didn’t see anything and I’ll keep my mouth shut and won’t reveal anything. I-I’ll take my leave first.”

Qingqing fled immediately, she would keep true to her word and shut her mouth. She didn’t dare to reveal anything, though they looked just like father and daughter, he saw her naked body while she showered. She wasn’t sure whether that girl had done it on purpose or not.

The two were truly perverted.

In the bathroom.

An’an fell on the ceramic ground, her knee had swelled up and she hugged herself with her slender arms, lifting her head pitifully to look at him.

Lu Yan’s breathing came out in rage breaths and he was panting. Witnessing such a scene as a mature man, it wasn’t hard for him to think too much and imagine unspeakable things.

His gaze landed on her tiny face, and he asked her in a deep and husky voice, “Did you fall on purpose?”

Her knees were scraped and the blood and flesh could no longer be distinguished easily. It was clear she had a bad fall.

An’an nodded. “Yes.”


“I’ve made myself clear, I don’t like it when you bring women into your room.”

Lu Yan’s eyes were red and he let out a forced laugh. “That’s why you hurt yourself?”

An’an’s cold gaze landed on him. “I’m yours and you’re mine. I won’t allow you to do it with other women, you can only do it with me!”

You can only do it with me.

Her words echoed in his mind and Lu Yan clenched his fists by his sides, glaring at her fiercely.

Although An’an had a shy expression, she was stubborn and brave as she refused to back down.

She bit down on her lower lip with her white teeth, struggling to get up before she ran over to hug him.

Her delicate body pounced on him, Lu Yan intuitively caught her slender waist and before she lifted her head to kiss him, he kissed her at the same time bringing their lips together in a mesh of wild emotions.

Her mouth was too small, he could kiss her with ease. He felt like he could swallow her up if he wasn’t careful.

They bumped into each other’s teeth and it hurt, they weren’t skilled and could only kiss each other with their instincts. A feeling of deep satisfaction filled their souls and left an indescribable warmth as they kissed each other on the cold floor.

Lu Yan was gifted in these kind of matters, he quickly got the hang of it and interlocked his tongue with the tip of hers. He felt as though he was eating cheese that instantly melted in his mouth, the feeling left him mind blown .

At the same time, as their kiss deepened, An’an felt her legs weaken and she almost slid onto the ground.

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