Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 308 - You’re a Coward!

Chapter 308: You’re a Coward!

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In the cramped closet, she knelt in front of him, holding onto the belt around his waist tightly. The situation was indescribably ambiguous and the air was hot and heavy.

An’an’s wrist was gripped by him forcefully and she could no longer move around.

She then frowned and her eyes were red and watery.

Lu Yan lowered his head and saw that her wrists were an angry red after he held them so tightly.

His palms were rough and coarse, not letting him forget his underworld beginnings. Compared to commoners, he had greater strength and just by exerting a little force, her tiny hand was completely red.

However, his Adam’s apple bobbed with intent. This girl had skin that was as smooth and delicate as tofu. From just a simple exertion of strength, it was as though she would be split open, making one not dare to use any strength, but at the same time, he wanted to just… use a lot of strength.

And bear down on her without any restraint.

He lowered his head to take a look at the girl kneeling before him. She had a tiny face and delicate facial features, her beauty great enough to take over the city. With her long eyelashes fluttering as though they were butterfly wings, they only served to perfectly complement her lotus-like mouth.

Like that, he just had a taste of her soft little mouth.

It was slightly sweet and even had a faint milky scent.

It was the taste of adolescence.

The sweet taste of innocence.

She gave off a listless gaze and stared at him with her watery eyes, they were red and revealed some grievance and dependence on him.

His heart was broken, instantly retracting his large palm.

The metal belt around his waist was unbuckled.

Lu Yan’s pupils contracted, pinching her tiny face forcefully with his two slender fingers.

An’an was forced to lift her head and look at him, his fringe was combed up, revealing his perfectly plump forehead. His facial features and jaw line was perfectly defined and compared to young masters like Gu Mohan, he exuded a greater charm and experience.

This man had been through many hardships that gave him an indescribably manly charm.

An’an followed his gaze and stuck out her tongue.

Her tongue was smooth and tender, and she looked at him and proceeded to lick his palm.

Lu Yan’s gaze instantly became scary. This girl, she was so childish yet also daring enough to seduce him.

Hearing Han Xiaowan’s moans getting louder, his tall build was instantly getting more tensed up.

Mr Meissen then let out a staggering groan, and then they were done. Shortly after, the shuffling sounds showed that the licentious pair were starting to put their clothes back on and Mr Meissen brought Han Xiaowan back to their room to wash up.

Since the pair outside were gone, Lu Yan stretched out his arm to open the closet door.

A gust of cold wind entered the cramped closet, blowing away the suppressive thoughts he had in his mind and sobering him up completely.

Lu Yan’s brown eyes were instantly clear again, he pursed his thin lips and said, “An’an, get up.”

An’an saw the light rays that entered the closet and was instantly struck with gloominess. All she wanted at that moment was to hide with him in the closet forever.

Then nobody would be able to see them together.

Nobody would disrupt them then.

“Lu Yan,” she spoke up, calling his name with a beautiful voice, “You want to have me.”

He wanted to have her.

Lu Yan stuck his long tongue out, licking the dry parts on his lips and placing his left hand in his pocket. He frowned, speaking with an indifferent tone, “Don’t mess around, hurry and return to your room to get some rest.”

After speaking, he turned around and went upstairs.

An’an stood up furiously, looking at his decisive back view as he left and shouted, “Lu Yan, you don’t dare to do it! You’re a coward!”


Lu Yan was scolded by many people throughout his entire lifetime but no one on earth had the audacity to call him a coward.

He had entered the underworld at the young age of 16. If he was a coward, which man on earth would be considered courageous?

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