Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 309 - You’re Being Naughty

Chapter 309: You’re Being Naughty

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He slowly stopped walking, turning around to take a look at her. He recovered his casual and relaxed attitude, “An’an, if I were to have a child when I was younger, my daughter would probably be around your age.”

An’an’s tiny hands were clenched into fists by her side. She knew what was on his mind, he cared about what others had to say.

He was a coward!

She had followed him around ever since she was five years old. He had spent utmost efforts on raising her these 13 years and he couldn’t convince himself that this would eventually work out.

However, wasn’t he the most unconventional and rebellious man on earth?

He would be able to have sex with any women on earth, but there was only one exception. No matter what, he didn’t dare to go further with that one woman.

The atmosphere started to become so tense it was almost tangible.

“Master Yan, why are you here?” Mr Meissen suddenly appeared.

Since Mr Meissen had just had sex with Han Xiaowan, and so he seemed to be in a good mood as he walked up to Lu Yan. “Master Yan, I was just planning to look for you. Remember how I mentioned gifting you with a beauty during our lunch just now? I was serious.”

Mr Meissen then made a signal and a beautiful figure approached them.

“Master Yan, this is Qingqing, she’s the sexiest stunner I have here. She’s great at serving men and since Master Yan didn’t bring a woman to my Jinhua Palace this time, you’re bound to get bored. How about you allow Qingqing to have some fun with you?” Mr Meissen signaled to Qingqing with his eyes.

Qingqing lifted her eyes to peek at Lu Yan and her eyes lit up. The man stood on the vintage carved steps and had one hand in his pocket. Under his thin shirt and trousers, his strong muscles were noticeably bulging in a manner that was simply irresistible. This type of man would definitely be categorized as those with great sexual drive and strength.

Spending a night with this man would only be beneficial for her.

“Master Yan, nice to meet you. Please take care of me.” Qingqing took tiny footsteps to finally stand beside Lu Yan.

Lu Yan raised his brow, being 35 years old, when he wasn’t acting proper, he exuded the irresistible charm of a devilish, yet mature man.

With a single glance at Qingqing, he let out a low chuckle. “Take care of you? Just how do you want me to take care of you?” His lips curved up into a wicked smirk.

Qingqing’s legs went weak and she stretched out her arm to hold Lu Yan’s muscular arm, acting coquettishly, “Master Yan, you’re being naughty.”

Mr Meissen and Lu Yan were old friends and he laughed uproariously. “Master Yan, you’re still the same, women always become gentle and coquettish once they land in your hands.”

Lu Yan smirked again, looking at the stiffened figure standing by the side of the closet with the corner of his eyes. He resumed his walk up the stairs and with Qingqing holding onto his arm.

Lu Yan brought the woman into his room.

An’an batted her long eyelashes, looking lonely yet arrogant but very quickly, she followed upstairs too.

“Miss An’an, how is your stay here? Do you need me to send you two helpers…”

Mr Meissen didn’t even complete his sentence, An’an didn’t bother to look at him and went upstairs directly.

Mr Meissen was left in an awkward position, he felt something weird was going on. Why would Lu Yan even bring a little girl with him?

It was very strange.

Anyways, he felt that Lu Yan and that little girl had an unusual relationship.

In the room.

Lu Yan entered the room, retracting his muscular arm from Qingqing’s grasp the moment the door was closed.

He walked beside the bed and unbuckled his black leather belt, throwing it onto the huge bed.

He took out a pack of cigarettes from his trouser pocket, picking one stick out and bending over to light it up. Once it was lit up, there was a red spark and he drew a breath, before slowly raising his head to breathe it out again.

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