Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 307 - Pleasant and Sweet

Chapter 307: Pleasant and Sweet

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Han Xiaowan and Meissen were already making out while An’an stretched out her hand to hit away his large palm, very quickly, he moved his large palm away from her mouth.

An’an turned around and looked at him.

The closet wasn’t that huge to begin with and when she hid inside it alone, it was still manageable. But with the addition of Lu Yan, who had a strong build and tall height of almost 190 centimeters, the space was instantly suffocating.

They were close to each other with their bodies in close contact. An’an was only 162 centimeters and her head only reached around his chest level.

She lifted her eyes and looked at him and he frowned in displeasure.

She had run off without permission again.

They could hear the sounds outside, An’an turned her head over to take a look, Han Xiaowan was kneeling on the ground…

A large palm suddenly grabbed onto the back of her head and forcefully turned her head back around, not allowing her to look at the scene. Lu Yan then pressed her tiny face in his chest.

An’an could hear his distinct heartbeat, it was powerful and made her feel relieved.

She slowly lifted her head, looking at him.

Their eyes were locked and Lu Yan’s brown ones were emotionless. He was 35 years old and had enjoyed everything a man would wish for in his entire lifetime, power, influence, wealth and women. He no longer had any desires and goals to fight for, and hence behaved like a relaxed man, not caring too much about anything.

He placed one hand in his pocket and the other hand held onto the back of her head. The way they were standing with her delicate body so close to his, they seemed to be committing a taboo.

Slowly releasing the back of her head, she suddenly stood on her toes and barely reached him, kissing his thin lips with her lotus-like, pink ones.

Lu Yan was stunned.

An’an had kissed him on her own accord and lightly moved her peach-colored lips, trying to extend her tongue inside his mouth.

An unfamiliar, yet familiar feeling struck Lu Yan, and goosebumps crawled up his arms. In that instant, he recalled the first time he had sex with a woman, not remembering his age then since it was a long time ago. Back then, he had just taken over his first pier and his underlings crowded around him while cheering loudly. That time, he was energetic and passionate. This feeling was the same feeling he felt back then.

But that feeling slowly faded away over the years, eventually evolving into nothingness.

He experienced that long-lost feeling once again because of her kiss.

Her lips were soft and had a faint, milky scent that was pleasant and sweet. It hovered in the back of his mind, seducing him without a care.

Lu Yan allowed her tongue to enter his mouth.

An’an held on to his shirt tightly, this was her first kiss and she was inexperienced, clumsily kissing him with her tongue in his mouth as she delved inside to taste him.

Clearing his throat, Lu Yan broke their kiss and instantly sobered up, revealing a cold, stoic look in his brown eyes. He stretched out his large hand to hold on to her shoulder, pushing her away.

An’an’s lips instantly separated from his, her eyes locked on his as she saw his gaze was stern and filled with warning.

She tiptoed again, moving closer to his lips.

Lu Yan increased the force he used, easily making himself unreachable for her.

Looking at his tightly pursed lips, An’an slowly crouched down and knelt in front of his muscular and long legs. Her fingers grasped the belt around his defined waist, wanting to unbuckle it.

But Lu Yan frowned again, looking at the little girl kneeling in front of him, he instantly grabbed her tiny wrists and hauled her up, refusing to let her act rashly.

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