Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 306 - Meissen, Your Little Wanwan Was Bullied

Chapter 306: Meissen, Your Little Wanwan Was Bullied

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Han Xiaowan shuddered, she was caught off guard since she didn’t expect the waiter to betray her so easily.

The plan didn’t work out as well as she had planned. Originally, she had planned to drug Tang Mo’er’s drink since Gu Mohan wasn’t present at Jinhua Palace and she had also arranged for a man to sleep with Tang Mo’er. However, she didn’t anticipate Lin Shiyu to ruin her plans and have taken Tang Mo’er’s drink instead. Now, she had even enraged Fu Qinglun.

Bam! Mr Meissen threw a teacup on the carpet and it smashed into pieces as he glared at Han Xiaowan furiously. “Wanwan, what exactly is going on?”

Though Mr Meissen was fond of Han Xiaowan, he wasn’t bewitched to the point he had lost his mind over her. The guests on this trip were all of significant importance and with one careless move, he would land himself into big trouble, so naturally, he was furious.

Han Xiaowan was an expert at dealing with men, and seeing that Mr Meissen was angry, she discreetly pinched herself and two long streams of tears fell down her cheeks.

“Meissen, it’s true that I engaged someone to do this. I’m sorry. I realize now that I’ve caused trouble for you. You should just hand me over to them so that I’ll receive the punishment I deserve. I would never drag you down together with me…” Han Xiaowan knelt beside Mr Meissen and sobbed pitifully at his feet.

Witnessing her quick confession and willingness to acknowledge her mistake, Mr Meissen’s expression was less stern and he looked in the waiter’s direction. “Have someone take him away and lock him up.”


Like that, the waiter was taken away to be dealt with amidst his furious shouts.

There were only the two of them left behind and as Mr Meissen listened to Han Xiaowan’s whimpering cries, he felt a little bad for her. This woman was a seductress in bed and moaned so sensually when she with him… She was simply irresistible for him. Seeing her like this, it made his heart ache.

“Wanwan, you should speak the truth. Why did you drug Tang Mo’er?”

Han Xiaowan stretched out her arms to hug Mr Meissen’s thigh, nuzzling up to his legs with her chest. “Meissen, I’m actually Tang Mo’er’s half-sister. We have different fathers and she hasn’t been fond of me since young. Back then, she would always bully me whenever there was a chance. It wasn’t too long ago that she set up my father and sent him to prison while causing my mother to lose her standing. I don’t like anyone bullying my parents and so… I planned to drug her and make her lose face to teach her a lesson…”

“Is Tang Mo’er really so cruel?”

“Yes, Meissen, your little Wanwan was bullied by her so badly!” Han Xiaowan pouted her red lips while acting coquettishly as she nuzzled her head closer and closer to his inner thigh.

Mr Meissen couldn’t resist her coquettish ways, he instantly stretched out his hand to carry her, placing her on his thighs.

“Meissen, Wanwan loves you. This time, Wanwan has gotten in trouble and Wanwan will make sure to bear the consequences and not bring you any more trouble. Wanwan’s only concern would be that, Wanwan won’t be able to bring you pleasure anymore.”

Han Xiaowan then kissed Meissen deeply, her lips glossy and seductive against his lips as she raked her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer.

The two were caught emblazoned in passion, behaving as though dry wood had met a scorching hot fire. They were too focused on each other, not giving regard to their location and started making out in the lobby.

They weren’t aware that there was someone else in the lobby.

An’an hid behind a closet and her cold gaze was fixated on the two of them. She moved, wanting to leave the place.

But she was careless and walked into something, making a sound.

“Who’s there?” Meissen hurriedly noticed the sound and he looked in An’an’s direction.

An’an’s pupils contracted, revealing a panicked expression. A muscular man caught her from behind, covering her mouth with his rough palm.

She didn’t turn her head around, she had already smelled his scent, a charming, manly body scent that could only be him .

Lu Yan had come.

“Meissen, is there even someone there? Did you hear wrong?” Han Xiaowan knelt down beside Mr Meissen and looked up at him pitifully. “Meissen, Little Wanwan is here, Little Wanwan shall serve you well and bring you pleasure tonight.”

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