Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 305 - You Won't Even Know the Reason for Your Death

Chapter 305: You Won’t Even Know the Reason for Your Death

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It was her heart fluttering.

Lin Shiyu blinked her eyes languidly, raising a corner of her swollen lips. “Young Master Fu, you’re talking about enjoyment with a woman who was drugged, aren’t you being too delusional?”

“Ha,” Fu Qinglun laughed, staring at her, as if he was a hunter and she was his prey. “You’re not being cute like that, I preferred it when you were beneath me, moving around and screaming.”

Was he pleased?

And was that proudness she could hear in his voice?

‘Seconds Fu’ had finally proved himself.

Lin Shiyu stretched out her arms to push him away. “Get out!”

Fu Qinglun took a glance at her before getting up and leaving.

The weight pressing on top of her body was finally gone and she finally felt like she could breathe. Turning around to lie on her side, Lin Shiyu looked around to see that her dress had been ripped apart by him and thrown on the carpet. Stretching her hand out to get his white shirt, she covered her body with it and closed her eyes to rest.

She was exhausted.

She didn’t have an ounce of energy left, feeling like she had landed in a pile of cotton candy.

Was this… the feeling of being a woman?

She loathed that feeling deep inside her, it was indescribable. She knew she was guarded about the things that happened between couples.

Could it be that… she had some sort of childhood trauma?

Lin Shiyu’s mind went blank, a fragment popped up out of nowhere. It was a little girl swimming in the river, seeming like she was about to rescue someone.

Her head throbbed.

The sudden pain caught her off guard and she held her head tightly, falling off the couch and onto the soft carpet.


Fu Qinglun was in the bathroom, wiping himself with some tissues when he heard her scream. Rushing out in a set of black silky pajamas, he turned around and saw that she had fallen on the carpet and was hurriedly using his shirt to cover up her body. That fair skin was full of hickies.

His defined waist suddenly stiffened, bearing uncontrollable anger. Her fall from the couch had greatly triggered his response, it was as though someone had broken something precious in his heart.

“Lin Shiyu,” when he walked over and looked at her from above, his voice was mocking with evident displeasure, “You won’t even know the reason for your death in the future, you dumb woman!”


Lin Shiyu rolled her eyes, struggling to get up.

But her delicate body was in his arms in the next second as he threw her onto the soft bed.

When he threw her onto the bed, his actions weren’t gentle at all.

She felt ridiculed, how was it even his business that she fell on the ground? Why did he behave as though she had done something wrongful towards him and owed him an explanation?


Lin Shiyu turned around, totally ignoring him.

Her line of vision was blocked and suddenly he was above her again, supporting himself with his large palms by her side as he looked down at her with a wicked smile.

Lin Shiyu was flustered, she instantly glared at the man towering above her. “Fu Qinglun, you’d better not cross the line!”

Fu Qinglun stretched out his large hands and patted her tiny face, laughingly saying, “Lin Shiyu, aren’t you too naive to think that once is enough? Let me be frank, that was only the appetizer.”


Lin Shiyu gave him a cold-eyed stare, lifting her hand and wanting to give him another slap.

But Fu Qinglun grabbed her narrow wrist in mid-air, using three slender fingers to hold her wrists together and placing them above her head. His cold gaze exuding a dangerous vibe. “Lin Shiyu, you almost ruined me on our honeymoon night. I’ve not forgotten about it. If you’re not willing to beg me, it’s fine. After all, I have ample all night to make you… beg for mercy.”

Mr Meissen sat in the chair with the waiter kneeling in front of him, quivering in fear. “Miss Han, please, you have to save me. You were the one who told me to tamper with the drinks.”

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