Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 304 - Who Taught You to Burn Your Bridges After You’ve Enjoyed Yourself?

Chapter 304: Who Taught You to Burn Your Bridges After You’ve Enjoyed Yourself?

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Fu Qinglun carried the woman in his arms, walking inside the room with steady footsteps. Lin Shiyu’s arms were still around his neck and kissing him clumsily, he lowered his head and advanced from taking a passive stance to being the one taking the initiative, and in that moment, they were inseparable.

This kiss continued in the quiet room, but it was abnormally intense. Nothing could be heard except the sounds of their lips against each other as their bodies pressed together in a passionate embrace.

After an extended period of kissing, Lin Shiyu was cast on a soft surface and she stretched her arms out, attempting to hold onto the sheets, but all she could grab onto was… the couch.

They were on the couch?

He didn’t place her on the bed but on the couch instead.

Lin Shiyu’s lithe body instantly stiffened up, the memories from their honeymoon night three years ago instantly flooded into her mind. That night, they had done it on the couch and she had lost her virginity when he raped her on the couch.

“Fu Qinglun, I don’t want to do it on the couch, get on the bed!” Her beautiful eyes were slightly panicked and watery and she gave him a cold-eyed stare, wanting to get up.

But his strong body towered over her, the restricted amount of space around the couch would be more advantageous for him since he would be able to have greater control over her.”Lin Shiyu, stop moving around, let’s do it on the couch today, hm?”

Lin Shiyu’s was embarrassed. Slap! Lifting her hand, she gave him a tight slap.


Fu Qinglun didn’t avoid her slap and she used a great amount of strength, slapping him across his handsome face.

Hearing her cursing in his ears, his Adam’s apple unconsciously bobbed and he raised the corners of his lips, whispering in her ears. “I’m indeed a pervert, I made you my woman three years ago on the couch and I’ve been thinking about doing it with you on the couch for the past three years!”

Lin Shiyu’s face was filled with humiliation and anguish, she used all her limbs to punch and kick his body. “Fu Qinglun, you’re downright shameless and perverted! You’re an asshole! I hateー!”

She didn’t manage to complete her sentence because Fu Qinglun had covered her tiny mouth and put his body between her slender legs…

40 minutes later.

Everything had ended. Their clothes were scattered all around the couch and carpet, the room was filled with the heavy scent of sex.

Fu Qinglun’s muscular chest was still pumping up and down as his blood coursed through his veins in a rush of heat. His fringe was wet and it covered his bloodshot eyes with damp strands of hair. His shoulders and back was entirely covered with scratches left behind by her, it had been an abnormally intense session.

He was still on top of Lin Shiyu’s delicate back, stretching out his large palm to turn over her fully flushed face as he kissed her.

That kiss lingered on the edge of her consciousness and carried an unfathomable weight.

Lin Shiyu held tightly onto the tattered remains of a cushion on the couch, since she wasn’t able to hold him. During the middle of their intense… session, she had clawed her fingers into his back so painfully that he had no choice but to flip her around so she couldn’t hold onto him. The cushion was in ruins.

Her beautiful face was filled with a heady, flirtatious charm that made it hard to look away. Her eyes were clear like the rain into an endless sea and any man would be willing to do anything to keep their eyes on her beauty.

She fluttered her long eyelashes and turned over, not allowing him to kiss her and she spat out, “Get lost!”

After a failed attempt to kiss her, Fu Qinglun frowned in displeasure. His breath was still uneven and he opened his eyes, looking at the beautiful face in his hands, laughing, “Lin Shiyu, who taught you to burn your bridges after you’ve enjoyed yourself? Don’t pretend to be suffering from some kind of sexual dysfunction in my presence. It’s obvious that you enjoyed it just now.”

Lin Shiyu opened her eyes and his handsome face was right in front of her. When he put away his refined mask and stood there, sweating and out of breath, he looked just like a hormonal young man.

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