Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 303 - Weren't You Pretty Skillful Just Now?

Chapter 303: Weren’t You Pretty Skillful Just Now?

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She signaled for him to go over!

Did she really take him as an obedient puppy?

Fu Qinglun started laughing though he was evidently angered. “Lin Shiyu, did the drugs damage your brain? You’re still unclear about who has the upper hand? You’re the one in need now, you should be the one begging me.”

He emphasized the word beg.

He wanted her to beg him.

This woman was a stubborn nut to crack, he had wanted to subdue her all along and over time, it had become an obsession. It had even gained priority over his obsession with Lu Qi’er, he only wanted to have sex with Lin Shiyu.

His mind was filled with one goal, which was to tame and subdue her, making her concede her defeat and give herself to him completely.

Lin Shiyu stretched out her arm and flicked back her hair, revealing a cold charm. “Fu Qinglun, you want me to beg you? Please stop being so fake.”


This word was commonly used with reference to women, but she used it to describe him?

“I’ve been drugged and it’s clear you’re the happiest over my misery. You’re most probably high even without taking any drugs…”

Fu Qinglun stiffened as his face became ashen.

“You’re still thinking about making me beg and bow my head down. Fu Qinglun, you should stop dreaming. Men are able to use their hands when they have strong desires after being drugged, we women aren’t destined to be dependent on men, I could also… use my hands.”

Right after she spoke, Fu Qinglun took a deep breath and his veins started twitching, speaking up after he couldn’t tolerate it any longer, “Lin Shiyu, do you need a mirror to see how shameless you’re behaving right now?”

Lin Shiyu leaned against the rim of the bathtub lazily. “Fu Qinglun, I’m indeed shameless but do you dare say that you’re not fond of my shameless ways?”


“Come over, I’ll give you three seconds… One, two…”

Fu Qinglun hurriedly walked over, despite his reluctance.

Looking at the refined man in front of her, Lin Shiyu scoffed, “Ever since I found out that you secretly brought lubricant on this trip, I should have known better that you’re a carnivore that has no pride and would do anything.”

Fu Qinglun bent down, silencing her with his lips.

He vented his frustrations and anger by kissing her passionately, biting on her lips and overbearingly pushing his tongue inside her mouth to explore her sweet mouth as he twisted his tongue around hers.

Lin Shiyu’s face was blushing, allowing him to kiss her however he wanted.

Though she wasn’t a fan of such unhygienic practices of exchanging saliva, it felt somewhat nice with the effects of the drugs kicking in.

When he saw her give in without a struggle, Fu Qinglun slowly released her lips and held her tiny face, looking at her teasingly. “Weren’t you pretty skillful just now? Why aren’t you performing as well now?”

Lin Shiyu looked at his brown lips. Where she had bitten the corner of his lips just now, if anything, the hint of blood made him look more sexy.

She stretched out her arms, hugging him around his neck and willingly presented her red lips to him.

Opening her mouth, her tongue delved into his mouth, moving around for the first time as she succumbed to the effects of the drug and let herself go.

She didn’t have any experience with kissing other men, it was her first time and so she was inexperienced and clumsy as she fumbled around.

Fu Qinglun frowned anxiously, her inexperience made him almost exhale in relief. So she didn’t have any experience kissing other men other than him. His Shiyu was pure.

A wave of happiness swept over Fu Qinglun as he stretched out his muscular arm and held her narrow waist, pulling her up from the bathtub into his embrace.

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