Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 302 - Fu Qinglun, F*ck You!

Chapter 302: Fu Qinglun, F*ck You!

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Fu Qinglun held onto her delicate shoulder with his large palms, grinding his teeth together while he shouted hoarsely at her, “Lin Shiyu, are you crazy?! What if you suffocate to death in the water?”

Recalling the image of Lin Shiyu with her entire body in the cold water, he felt like he couldn’t breathe and gasped for air.

If he didn’t barge into the bathroom, would she continue staying in the water?

What if she suffocated to death?

Lin Shiyu got out of the water, stretching out her hands to wipe away the water droplets on her beautiful face. Her silken hair was wet and scattered all over her shoulders, the tiny water droplets glistening down over her smooth skin. She was like an alluring siren that went underwater, specializing in taking the souls of men and leaving them with nothing but an empty shell.

When compared to his fuming rage, she was completely calm. Slap! She forcefully slapped away his large palm, her eyes flashing in anger. “Get lost, don’t touch me!”

After spending some time in the water, her discomfort was relieved and the heat surrounding her body lessened.

Fu Qinglun’s palm became red after being slapped away by her, but he shook away the dejection and laughed instead, leaning forward to press his lips against hers heatedly.


Lin Shiyu’s black pupils instantly contracted, the burning feeling was already slightly relieved, but with his kiss, she felt it ignite again inside with a vengeance.

He definitely did it on purpose!

Her efforts were all in vain!

She opened her mouth, biting the corner of his lips forcefully and the faint taste of blood quickly filled their breath.

Fu Qinglun was in pain, he frowned and released his hold on her. The skin around the corner of his mouth had cracked open. This woman was truly vicious!

He then heard a beautiful voice cursing him, “Fu Qinglun, f*ck you!”


Fu Qinglun’s eyes were bloodshot as he glared at this woman who was cursing him left and right to his face. Given his well-mannered upbringing, he just couldn’t retaliate and curse her back. He suddenly raised a corner of his lips, chuckling to himself, “It’s fine, I’ll wait to see how long you’ll be able to hold it in.”

He let go of her and got up gracefully, standing beside the bathtub and lifting his fingers to unbutton his shirt.

What the hell was he doing? Why was he taking off his clothes right in front of her?!

His shirt and trousers were partially wet and this man was exuding an honorable aura, even as he removed his clothes, like a perfectly showcased sand-art exhibition. He was simply irresistible.

But his actions were… goosebump-inducing.

Lin Shiyu looked at him, curling her fingers up. “Fu Qinglun, you’re not satisfied even after locking yourself up with me in this room, now you’re even trying to seduce me by removing your clothes? How despicable are you.”

Fu Qinglun had already unbuttoned half of the row of buttons on his shirt, his muscular chest and perfectly tanned skin were slightly exposed. His trousers were wrapped around his long legs and he wore a luxurious belt around his defined waist.

He looked at her, raising a corner of his brown lips with a straightforward, yet cordial attitude. “Do you want it? If you want it, you’ll have to beg me for it.”

Beg him?!

Lin Shiyu batted her long eyelashes, she was almost consumed by her rage and she couldn’t help but want to charge forward and scratch him until he bled.

But her physical desire was making her feel so helpless.

The drug was taking effect and she barely managed to hold it in while she kept herself in the cold water. Now that an attractive man was moving around right in front of her eyes, she felt as though she was going to be consumed by the burning sensation.

Fu Qinglun!

She slowly opened her eyes and pointed a finger at him, signaling for him. “Come over.”

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