Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 301 - Beg Me

Chapter 301: Beg Me

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Lu Qi’er also felt unhappy. Fu Qinglun had stayed by her side all these years, but now he was having sex with Lin Shiyu, even in her presence.

However, when another thought crossed her mind she smiled, feeling excited and jubilant inside. Judging from the way Fu Qinglun looked at her, she knew it.

Fu Qinglun was still obsessed with her. It was her that he wanted, and only her.

In the room.

Lin Shiyu sat up straight on the bed, her beautiful face was red as the drugs began to take effect. She supported herself on the bed with her slender arms and looked at the man beside the door. “Fu Qinglun, what are you trying to do?”

It was night and the room was lit with a faint, yellow ambiance. Fu Qinglun stood tall in the room, sizing her up with his cold eyes, somewhat flirtatiously. His brown lips formed a charming arch as he spoke, “Nothing much, I just locked the two of us in the same room.”

Lin Shiyu was in shock, she got down the bed and ran beside the door, trying desperately to open the room door.

But Fu Qinglun leaned against the door lazily, blocking her.

Arrogant brute!

“Fu Qinglun, don’t you realize that you’re being a jerk?”

“I don’t think so, I didn’t even mention anything about… having sex with you.”

He then bent down, his hot breath whispering beside her ears, “Beg me, I’ll only have sex with you if you’ll beg me.”

Lin Shiyu gave him a cold-eyed stare, lifting her arm to give him a slap.

But she didn’t manage to slap him. Fu Qinglun caught hold of her slender wrist in mid-air and pulled forcefully, her delicate body landing right on his muscular chest.

He held her waist with his large palms and pinched it, lowering his head to look at her seductive red lips. “Lin Shiyu, you’ve finally landed in my arms, hm? Whether I would be done in a second, I’ll let you witness it for yourself.”

Lin Shiyu felt her body getting increasingly hot as she was pulled against his muscular body, her senses overwhelmed by his clean, masculine scent. His scent was all over her, breaking through her rationality and making her want to get closer to him, get nearer to him.

But her mind was sober and she smirked. “Young Master Fu, do you know what you look like now?”

She tiptoed and her breath was warm. “A free… high-grade male prostitute, deprived of sex.”

“…” Fu Qinglun’s good-looking eyes instantly flashed in anger.

Lin Shiyu’s hands were on his muscular chest, pushing him away as she entered the bathroom.

The room was quiet, Fu Qinglun stood beside the counter and held a wine glass in his hands, swirling it around.

He rolled his sleeves up, revealing the luxurious watch around his wrist. He held the wine glass and moved it around elegantly, the dance of the red liquid against the glass was almost mesmerizing enough to distract him.

He was waiting for the woman in the bathroom, awaiting her surrender.

She was drugged this time round and even landed in his hands, how could he let go of such a good opportunity?

But time passed quickly and there wasn’t any sound or movement in the bathroom. He frowned, losing his patience and walked inside the bathroom.

The huge bathtub was filled with cold water and Lin Shiyu had submerged herself in the cold water, including her head.

Fu Qinglun’s black pupils contracted and he was furious. Did she not cherish her life?!

He instantly stretched out his large hand, pulling her out of the water.

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