Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

2435 Chapter 2308 you are my blazing sun like fire

Zhou Yu’s deep and magnetic voice resounded in her ears as he called out to her again and again.

Xuan Yingluo slowly opened her eyes and Zhou Yu’s handsome face immediately entered her line of sight.

Zhou Yu had been watching Xuan Yingluo the entire time. Ever since Xuan Yingluo entered this resort, he had hidden his gaze and followed her closely. So, when he saw Xuan Yingluo faint from a distance, he quickly rushed over.

Now that Xuan Yingluo was in his arms in a flurry, Xuan Yingluo opened her eyes just like that.

Zhou Yu was caught off guard. He crashed into Xuan Yingluo’s clear, watery eyes.

She was looking at him now.

Her eyes were very clear. There was no weakness or confusion from fainting. With just a glance, Zhou Yu knew that he had been tricked.

He had been tricked by this little liar!

Zhou Yu quickly released his grip and got up to leave. However, he had forgotten that he was missing a leg. Just now, he had come with a wheelchair. As there was no one to support him or a crutch, he fell from the wheelchair to the ground, he had held her in his arms.

Now, he wanted to get up but could not. His pants were empty and he looked as pathetic as he could be.

Zhou Yu was used to being a wild person. He never cared about what others thought of him. He didn’t feel embarrassed about losing a leg, but now, in front of Xuan Yingluo, he wished he could disappear, he didn’t want her to see him like this.

Zhou Yu couldn’t get up, so he turned his head and looked at Xuan Yingluo. “What are you looking at? Help me up.”

Xuan Yingluo looked at him. The person who had lingered in her dreams for countless nights had finally appeared. She looked at his current appearance greedily. He had not changed much, but he had become much thinner, a circle of stinging green dregs appeared on his determined chin.

When she was in a daze, she heard his commanding tone and asked her to help him up.

In that instant, Xuan Yingluo confirmed that it was him. It really was him. Zhou Yu had returned.

There was no other person who could speak to her in such a tone.

Xuan Yingluo quickly got up and looked down at the man sitting on the ground in a sorry state. She snorted and did not show any intention of helping him up, “Aren’t you quite capable? Why Do You Need Help Now? I Won’t Help You!”

”…”Zhou Yu’s protruding throat rolled up and down. His dark eyes were overflowing with a doting smile. He cursed, “Little Brat, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You’ve Let Yourself Go. Now you need to be taught a lesson, right?”

Xuan Yingluo ignored him.

At this time, little seven ran over and threw himself into Zhou Yu’s arms. “Daddy, Daddy, am I Dreaming? Are You Back?”

Zhou Yu stretched out his arms and hugged Xiao Qi. He patted her head lovingly. “Xiao Qi, Daddy is back. You’re Not Dreaming.”

“That’s great, Daddy. I thought you wouldn’t come back. I was very obedient and didn’t cry. But Daddy, I miss you very much. Mommy and I miss you very much.”Xiao Qi lay on Zhou Yu’s shoulder, her eyes red.

Little Seven had promised Daddy that he was a little man and wouldn’t cry. But now that Daddy was back, the tears in his eyes quickly fell.

This was tears of joy.

Zhou Yu kissed Little Seven’s pink little face. “Daddy knows that little seven has grown up and can protect mommy when Daddy isn’t around.”

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